Hi We’re Rob & Kim.

We have turned our passions for travel and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle into our business.


THE JET SET GUIDE is a collection of our personally vetted picks in the hottest destinations in the world. It’s the same list that we’d give our best friends and family, and the same list that we use ourselves! We’ve made the list simple! The Jet Set Guide is a downloadable PDF that is designed to only give you the right recommendations of where to stay, eat, shop and play. Ours can be downloaded to your computer, iPhone or just print it out!

JET SET BODY  is our very own kick-ass fitness program for getting you Beach Worthy Abs in 90 Days! We’ve made tons of transformations in our viewers and we’re just getting started! Grab your Free Cheat Sheet: 10 proven steps (including killer ab exercises) that really, really, truly, swear on my cheat-day will work to get you Beach Worthy Abs HERE.


This is ‘Traveltainment’ at it’s best! We share fun stories from the road, cool travel tips, embarrassing videos that ended up on the cutting room floor and really just take you inside their crazy Jet Set Life! New for 2015, starting in podcast #25, we’re going to start sharing our suggestions and tips on creating your own Jet Set Life!   Subscribe on iTunes HERE.


Why did we call our business Jet Set Life? Are we fancy pants rich kids? Nope.

For us, the idea of jet-setting or being jet-setters is kinda, well, whatever. It’s just not what we set out to become, or promote. It’s not who we are inside. But, we do however love to travel, we travel often, and we do love to hit great destinations, cool hotels and sexy parties- so the original definition of jet-set only half, represented our lives.

That’s why we created our own definition and call ourselves The New Jet Set. We are about creating a location independent income (fancy words for making money while on the road) and spending our hard earned dollars on the things we absolutely love to do, on the places we love to stay and on the activities we know will give us a once in a lifetime experience. Simply put, The New Jet Set doesn’t live by anyone’s rules except their own. They make no excuses for choosing to live their life on their own terms. Hence our motto “Excuses are Over. It’s Time to Live!”.


Rob & Kim