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DSC_2823Hi We’re Rob & Kim.

We have turned our passions for travel and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle into our business.

We are taking Lifestyle Design to the next level. They have an insatiable passion for traveling the world, are mindset masters and have developed a duplicatable system for creating a location independent income and helping others design their dream life through their Jet Set Life Team.

On our site, you’ll find their travel videos from around the world, podcasts with leaders in business and lifestyle design, tons of blogs from fitness to family to travel and a VLOG where you can go behind the scenes and see exactly how they live, work and play together without (and sometimes with) killing each other.

We are about creating a location independent income (fancy words for making money while on the road) and spending our hard earned dollars on the things we absolutely love to do, on the places we love to stay and on the activities we know will give us a once in a lifetime experience. Simply put, The New Jet Set doesn’t live by anyone’s rules except their own. They make no excuses for choosing to live their life on their own terms. Hence our motto “Excuses are Over. It’s Time to Live!”.


Rob & Kim

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