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Once in a Lifetime: Rob & Kim Go VIP in Tuscany!

Once in a Lifetime: Rob & Kim Go VIP in Tuscany!
The world is fascinated by Italy's most famous region, Tuscany. There are countless books written about a person's fir Read More…

The Perfect Holiday in Florence, Italy

La Giostra Restaurant Florence
Florence, or Firenze as it's said in Italian, preferably with a flawless rolling "r", is my favorite city in the world. Read More…

Bravo Lifestyle Concierge: A List of The Absolute Coolest Things To Do in Florence, Italy

Bravo Concierge Dream Car Italy
I do most of the pre-trip recon before Kim and I take a trip. I vet the hotels, restaurants and night life like an obse Read More…
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The JK Place Hotel in Florence Italy: My Personal Palazzo

Imagine, having your own place in Florence, Italy.  That's always been a dream for Kim and I.   So, when we went to Read More…
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