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Once in a Lifetime: Rob & Kim Go VIP in Tuscany!

Once in a Lifetime: Rob & Kim Go VIP in Tuscany!
The world is fascinated by Italy's most famous region, Tuscany. There are countless books written about a person's fir Read More…

Bravo Lifestyle Concierge: A List of The Absolute Coolest Things To Do in Florence, Italy

Bravo Concierge Dream Car Italy
I do most of the pre-trip recon before Kim and I take a trip. I vet the hotels, restaurants and night life like an obse Read More…

The Perfect Holiday in Florence, Italy

La Giostra Restaurant Florence
Florence, or Firenze as it's said in Italian, preferably with a flawless rolling "r", is my favorite city in the world. Read More…
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The JK Place Hotel in Florence Italy: My Personal Palazzo

Imagine, having your own place in Florence, Italy.  That's always been a dream for Kim and I.   So, when we went to Read More…
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