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Hot sun, chill lounges, sexy people, fresh food and tons of shopping!

The Costa del Sol is one of the leading “Hot Spots” in the Mediterranean. Marbella is the most famous of the small towns that line the southern coast of Spain. Marbella is actually split into two areas, the old and the new. New Marbella is a modern town filled with the most luxurious hotels like The Marbella Club Hotel, delicious restaurants like Suite del Mar and tons of shopping with many brands you know and even some that you don’t. Old Town Marbella is really the only

place in this area that you’ll really feel like you are in Spain. It’s a classic seaside village with narrow cobblestone streets lined with local traditional shops, restaurants and cafes. Our favorite is Plaza de Los Naranjos. It still lives up to it’s name with the many Orange trees that fill it’s courtyard. If you are lucky you’ll stumble upon one of the seemingly thousand “Saints Days” ceremonies performed each year.

Puerto Banus is just a few minutes from Marbella Town. Once you arrive, you’ll see the unfortunate result of globalization in a some restaurants and some shops that make you feel like your at the Mall of America and not in Europe. But, just close your eyes and don’t look, it’s like it’s not even there. Instead, walk off the main street toward the ocean (yes through the car gates that look like you shouldn’t be entering) you’ll find the main port that houses the 100+ foot yachts of the rich and famous, our top restaurant pick, Los Bandidos and high-end shops like Louis Vuitton. If you enjoy people watching, you’ll never want to leave the port. Which ever open-air restaurant you choose, make sure your seat is closest to the port so you “people watching” won’t be obstructed.

Heading down the coast you’ll come upon Estepona. Laguna Village is here and it’s the perfect place to spend the day if you just want to chill, have a great lunch and of course, do some more shopping! Lastly, we have Gibraltar and Tarifa. This is a great day trip from Marbella. These towns offer great views of Africa, terrific “wind” sports with a slightly more Arabic feel.

JetSet Life
• Marbella is on the southern coast of Spain, hence “Costa del Sol”
• Spend your summer soaking up the sun in style at Nikki Beach
• Kite surf with an African backdrop in the Gibraltar Straits
• Eat, Shop and Party till the sun comes up in Puerto Banus
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