The Best Places To Stay In Mykonos

The best places to stay in Mykonos are like the beaches. Beautiful, luxurious, and gloriously decadent. The Belvedere Luxury Hotel is one of the absolutely, most fabulous, places to spend your down-time when you are at this wonderful adult play land by the sea. The Belvedere is, without a doubt, the most beautiful luxury hotel on the island. The attentive staff are available to meet all of your needs, and luxury oozes from every pore of the building. From the spacious suites, to the world-renowned chefs and mixologists, you will find that your every need is anticipated and has been provided for.Throughout the summer, the Belvedere offers live music and daily events. You can enjoy fantastic meals on the dining balcony, or have your meals delivered to your room at any time. If you want to escape for a few hours, the Residents Lounge, across from the main lobby offers a wonderful bit of solitude where you can relax, read and enjoy the gourmet coffees and teas. The pool, poolside bar, music, dancing, and great food are all within a few steps of your room. When you make your reservations for this wonderful hotel, be sure to stay in one of the newly renovated rooms. These suites have sloping walnut closets, hand-cut marble mosaics. But, the marble flooring will take your breath away. Sitting on your balcony, with the Aegean Sea breeze gently caressing your skin as you gaze at the crystal blue sea and stunning beaches will validate your decision that this is truly one of the best places to stay in Mykonos.

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