10 Foods to Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Let’s face it, being sick sucks. But there are things you can do to prevent or limit your chances of getting the flu, cold or other common infections naturally, without Flu shots and other medications. One of them is filling your diet with immunity boosting super-foods! Here’s a list of 10 super foods that you should stock up on today!

meat1. Red Meat – Red meats are filled with Zinc! Zinc plays an important role in production of white-blood cells, which are what you need to destroy any incoming bacteria and viruses. Choose lean cuts of beef 2 times a week to boost your Zinc and your immunity.


tahini2. Tahini – Tahini is a sesame seed paste, Rich in magnesium, zinc and protein, helps to activate white blood cells and boost immunity. Higher in calories, 2TBSP equals about 280 calories.



garlic3. Garlic – Garlic low-cal immunity-boosting superstar! It is rich in allicin, which can help with bacteria and infections. It was even used to prevent gangrene in the both world wars. Studies suggest that people that eat garlic consistently are 2/3 less likely to get colds.


fish4. Fish & Seafood – Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, and herring  reduce inflammation, increase airflow and protect the lungs from respiratory infections. Shellfish such as  oysters, lobsters, mussels, and clams are rich in Selenium, which helps white blood cells produce cytokines-proteins that help clear flu viruses out of the body.


tea5. Tea – The amino acid L-theanine is abundant in both black and green tea and can help fighting viruses in your blood stream. Up to 5 cups a day is suggested, for those who want to limit caffeine—decaf versions have it, too.



Goji6. Goji Berries – Filled with antioxidants and plenty of Vitamin A, Goji berries have been used in East-Asian countries for years to help power up weak immune systems, and prevent disease.



ginger7. Ginger – Ginger is a powerful addition to your fresh juices! It can soothe your dry, irritated throat. Ginger has chemicals called sesquiterpenes that target rhinoviruses which is responsible for most strains of the common cold. Also, ginger acts as a cough suppressant.


honey8. Buckwheat Honey – Buckhwheat honey has the highest antioxidant levels when compared to more common honey such as clover honey. These antioxidants and antimicrobial properties help to fight infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. And, it helps soothe your throat too!


pepper9. Black Peppercorns – Yep! That’s right, black peppercorns can boost your immune system! They are high in piperine, a compound known for its anti-fever, pain-relieving qualities and can help you fight off an infection.



mushrooms10. Mushrooms – Mushrooms are taking over the world of health science! Did you know that different types of mushrooms have been shown to kill viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells? Want more info —> check out what Dr. Oz has to say about Mushrooms!

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