3 Ways to Boost Gym Motivation

You’ve signed up for the gym membership. You’ve downloaded your Jet Set Body workouts. You’ve purchased your fancy new water bottle. You’ve even bought some new shoes. Now- you’re all set for a hard-core sweat session. Or are you?

Picture this. It’s Saturday morning, you probably had a few too many glasses of vino last night. You’re tired, the kids are watching cartoons and eating waffles. You hear the gym calling your name, but where do you get the motivation?

1. Weekly Check-In Photos

Good old-fashion motivation my humiliation? Maybe to start with. Take a weekly photo of yourself in a swimsuit or sports bra and shorts. At first, looking at your muffin top should give you plenty of motivation to hit the gym hard, but as your body re-shapes, those weekly photos will practically drive you to the gym themselves! You’ll see the progress and want more!!!!!

2. Go Big or Go Home!!! Enter a Contest!

Take your goals to the next level!


  • If you are a little more outgoing and are up for a challenge—-> Enter a local physique competition! Rob and I compete in the Fitness Universe Organization which has natural, local, national and international shows all around the world! Rob competes in Male Model Division and I compete in Fitness and Bikini. It’s a great way to step out of your shell and really push your results to the max! (if you do choose to go the physique competition route – our team of coaches at Cathy Savage Fitness is #1 in the game competition prep- just sayin’)

3. Download New, Unlimited Music Mixes on Fit Radio

A new playlist may be just what the trainer ordered! Don’t waste your money on iTunes downloading tons of new songs when professional mixes are just a click away!

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Fit Radio is an App that is 100,000% made for you! They offer a FREE version and a paid version, $2 and change a month for no commercials. They offer music mixes from DJ’s all over the country in EVERY genre! In the event that you love high energy, top 40 and dance music – check out Jet Set Body’s own DJ Murgatroyd who is a Fit Radio DJ!

Sign UP for Fit Radio HERE ——> http://fitradio.com/

** In the event you don’t have a smart phone, you can download Rob’s mixes here: www.DJMurg.com

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