The 4th Day of Fitmas: 5 Food Fumbles

For the 4th day of Fitmas Rob and Kim gave to me….5 tricky food mistakes and how I can correct them!

I can’t tell you how many nutrition consultations that I’ve had in the past two years with people that start with “I eat really well…..” and then sadly, I have to break the news to them that what they ‘think’ is good, really is a mistake. So, to make this easy for everyone, here’s a list of the top 5 food fumbles I’ve heard!

f086ef78-9536-43b6-867b-f657b2723055-largeCounting All Calories As Equals

If I hear one more time “But it’s only a 100 calories” in reference to one of those 100 cal snack packs of Oreos or Doritos, I may scream. Simply put, calories are not created equal. Yes, often you hear that weight loss at it’s most basic is calories in vs. calories out. But that’s not completely accurate. When you consume calories of sugar (carbs) vs. proteins, yes, caloric-ally they’re the same, but your body reacts differently. So, 100 calories of Oreos vs. 100 calories of chicken or fish are VERY different. Therefore it’s more about WHAT you are eating and not just about the calories.

Skipping Meals

You wouldn’t believe the number of people that think it’s a good idea to not eat all day and then just eat dinner. I’ve had that conversation more than I’d like to admit. Sadly, starving yourself all day only leads to overindulging at night, which leads to 100% storage of calories by your body. We are “grazers”, eating smaller portions frequently keeps blood sugar stable, allows your body to use the energy as it’s coming in and not store a bunch of excess calories as fat. Small, frequent meals (think 3 smaller meals and 2-3 snacks) is ideal.

Overeating at Meals

This one is interesting, often people who eat healthy foods, are usually serving up giant portions at meals times. This is usually because they’re not snacking at other times during the day. It’s the “3 square meals” philosophy. But, during these “square meals” they’re just loading the healthy-ish food on. So, the fix is obviously to include some snacks during the day. But also, another great trick is to eat your meals off a smaller plate. We eat all meals on a salad plate. This keeps our portions in check and because the food fills up the plate, our brains think we’re eating a lot of food!

Fat Free Everything

Who every decided “fat” was the enemy should be shot. Just kidding (sort of). Fat is not our enemy. In fact, when eating the RIGHT fats, it can be a game changer for your energy and your body. Great healthy fats include nuts, natural nut butters, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, grass fed organic butter (yes I even said butter!), MCT oil, Udo’s oil, egg yolks and yummy avocados…just to name a few. You can have fats, your body knows exactly what to do with them. Of course, portions should be in check, but good fats will keep you skin gorgeous, your nails growing and your body lean. Now, for all this fat-free stuff….please realize that when they take “fat” out, they add back in either sugar or sodium. Don’t believe me, compare the labels.  Eat your healthy fats and enjoy. Case closed.

Sugar Free or Gluten Free Everything

Loooorrrddd please help me with this one. Sugar free pumps of vanilla into your latte, sugar free cookies, sugar free ice cream….oye vey….the only thing worse than processed sugar is FAKE SUGAR! Unless it’s made with stevia, which is natural, don’t use sugar free products. They’re wrecking havoc on your gut, possibly contributing to the root of some cancers, they stimulate your body to “think” it’s getting sugar and creating a dependency. Your body is meant to have natural sugars. And your body that knows exactly what to do with the RIGHT sugar.

Now gluten free everything. The absence of gluten doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It can still be filled with the wrong types of fat, tons of processed sugar and other non-natural ingredients (and often is). So gluten free cookies, muffins, pizza crusts, breads, pastas etc… they’re not ALL created equal. Please read your labels or make gluten free items yourself at home.

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