5 Tips To Get Abs Over 40 & Not Look Like The Middle Aged Guy With a Belly

Here’s the dealio. If you’re a guy over 40 you probably have a belly and don’t have a six pack. If that’s not you and you do have a six-pack….stop reading.

12273678_10207112311542886_7682562750095547922_oBut, if that is you, by all means, continue to read…

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Bellies are NOT sexy and we need to fix this – ASAP!

Like right now…

As men, we spend so much time focusing on making money that we fail to look down at our ever expanding belly’s. Let’s be honest. It’s gross and our significant others deserve better. Better yet, you deserve better!

Do not buy into this bullsh*t that your getting older and that is just what happens. Yes, that is what happens if you do nothing and let gravity take over. But, that’s not what your going to do- right?

If you’re with me and your sick and tired of not having the 6 pack you had in high school and are really ready to make a change…Let’s get busy!

Here’s a couple of random things that I learned from my trainer Rob Knox.

1. Stop Doing Cardio. Just for two weeks. If cardio was so great creating a six-pack, then you wouldn’t see so many middle aged men with bellies bouncing up and down on the treadmills all over this great nation of ours.

2. Start Weight Training Correctly. I promise you that you’re doing your bench press wrong. Get an education from people who really know what their doing. Preferably ask someone over 40 with a six pack.

3. Start Drinking Water. No, not just eight- 8 ounce glasses per day. Start drinking 1- 1 1/2 gallons per day. Get rid of bloat first then work on eliminating fat.

4. Master Food Preparation. Don’t leave home without 6 prepared meals per day in Tupperware. This is the biggest pain in the a** to do. But, if you do it you’ll get abs. Food preparation is the key because abs are made in the kitchen- not in the gym. (We do have an awesome supplement line we love that can handle making 2-3 of those meals more convenient! Email: heyjetset@gmail.com for info!)

5. Add 1 Functional Workout to Your Training. What’s a functional workout? It’s a workout the mimics things in the real world. A good example would be using dumbbells to simulate something like picking up boxes on the floor and putting them on a shelf. These workouts are killer and will rip you up if you find a good one.

For now, just try and digest (pun intended) these new principals. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results – so don’t go insane, try something new! Shake things up. We can totally eliminate that belly and get you all ripped up with a few small changes.

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  • Reply
    Richard Mattson
    March 16, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Okay, so what about men over 60….what’s the chances of developing abs and a muscular build…is it just too damned late?

  • Reply
    george evangelos
    March 25, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Hi Rob, I`m 85 and started your program. I now can say every time I go to the beach I`ve got to fight off the girls with my tennis racket.
    Today I was in St. Tropez, and I had to make a bee line for the hotel after taking off my t-shirt. They won`t leave me alone. I mean you Jet-Set people have put my life into `Turbo Gear`..
    I`ve taken up electric guitar and tomorrow I play before the Geriatric Ward at Monte Carlo Hospital. I`m friggin fearful those wheel chair babes are gonna run over me.

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