The 5th Day of Fitmas: The Anywhere Workout!

On the 5th Day of Fitmas Rob and Kim gave to me….a workout that I can do ANYWHERE (peace out excuses!)

Warm Up: 5 minutes

Set 1: 4x

  • Mountain Climbers 15x es
  • Plank Pike-Ins** 8x
  • Lateral Chair Step Ups (controlled movement) 10x es
  • Plank Jacks (feet move in and out like jumping jacks, upper stays in plank) 20x

**Plank Pike Ins: Use a towel or paper plates under your toes. Begin in a downward dog and slowly for a count of 5, extend down (feet should slide) into a plank. Then reverse and slide back into downward dog for a count of 5.

Set 2: 4x

  • Plank Knee to Elbow 10x es
  • Jumping Jack into Burpee 10x
  • Deep Chair Sit Holding 10lb ball overhead 60 sec
  • 2 min Jump Rope (or jumping jacks)

Set 3: 4x

  • Jump Squats 10x
  • Incline Push Ups (on a couch or stair at about 45 degree angle) 10x
  • Plank Knee Taps*** 15x

***Holding a plank position, slightly bend your knees to tap the ground and then go back to plank. Repeat the desired reps.

Cool Down: 5 minutes

# # # #

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