Abs at (Almost) 50

12196170_10206997118783139_5617992162280112391_nIt’s been a while since my ass has jumped onto a stage, I think about 3 years (here’s a blog from the last show). Truth be told, that shit was hard. I swore I would never do another show. The food prep was too time consuming, made me an a** to be around (moody), and I LOVE food (and ahem alcohol)!

But…..I do miss ONE THING….having that crazy shredded body. I used to use the stage as my “motivation by humiliation”.  It’s the one thing that motivated me to get super lean. But this summer, when we got home from our annual Greece trip at the end of July, I decided to jump into a 16 week fitness challenge with our Jet Set Body Nutrition Elite Team. Gotta lead by example! And of course, this was a perfect excuse to get my abs back with our new protocol – I didn’t expect “competition diet” results because I was still drinking wine, more often than I probably should have, and eating clean but not depriving myself. I knew I’d lose weight and get a good result because our nutrition products and workouts are killer….but I didn’t expect to be “stage ready”.


A few weeks ago I noticed that had made some great muscle gains when I tried to wear a suit coat that I bought a year ago. I could button it at my waist easily, but man it was tight on my shoulders and arms. Then, the scale started dropping. I’ve lost 17 freaking pounds. I was shocked at that because as I’ve said…I haven’t felt deprived or been super crazy about my diet. So, I decided to push myself and jump back on stage and do another physique competition that’s now just under two-weeks away.


The (almost) nightly wine.

This is HONESTLY the first time I was able to get super lean without feeling like I needed to torture myself for 12 weeks. Bonus: I’ve been drinking wine and eating salted caramel chocolates to prep…FREAKING GAME CHANGER!

Like with all goals, I had a a lot of negative chatter in my head (like “you’re almost 50 years old- are you nuts, those other guys are in their 20’s and 30’s”!). But, who gives a shit. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I’m not expecting to win a trophy. I like to push the envelope. I like to push myself to get better and better. And the only way that happens is by stepping outside your comfort zone.

So…..number one question I’ve gotten is…”How did I manage to drop 17lbs without feeling deprived?”

Here’s the gist. I just followed the plan.

I ate 2 meals of lean proteins (lots of fish), natural carbs, healthy fats and green veggies, 2 snacks like cottage cheese and fruit, Greek yogurt, hummus, or Kim’s egg poppers and 2 meal replacement shakes (a very specific one from our nutrition line and NOT store bought).

T- Minus 10 days! Wish me luck!

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