Attention Men Over 40…Yes, Abs Are Possible!

The other day Rob and I were sitting in our computer room working. On our iMac, we have a gallery that plays all of our photo albums from the past 10 years. All of a sudden, this picture of Rob on a beach pops up. We almost died, he looked like a completely different person! We couldn’t believe the picture so we went into iPhoto and found it. It was from a trip we took to Marbella. At the time, we both thought he looked good. He worked out all the time, and definitely wasn’t a ‘fat guy’. But when we put that picture of him at 40 years old, next to the picture of him from this past November ~ we were floored!!!!

So – this is a little motivation, maybe more like a push for all the men that think just because they’re over 40 they can’t have abs.

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