Really, How Bad Do You Want It?

Here’s the thing. Everyone wants a lean, fit and toned body…but few are willing to truly do what it takes to get there. It’s true. I get emails all day long from people telling me what they “want”, but when I tell them how to get it, they rarely follow through.

The truth is… if having a 6-pack 365 days a year was easy, everyone would have one. It’s tough, it’s challenging and you always have to stay on top of it. However, once you achieve the ‘ultimate goal’ of physical perfection (if you have gotten there in a healthy way) the results are easy to keep. Just ask David Garland who’s 6+months into Jet Set Body and as shredded as ever!

Will the “changes in your lifestyle” be easy? Nope. Will they require ‘sacrifices’? Absolutely!

But, after you are done mourning for the bag of Oreos that I make you throw away, you’ll be fine. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll start seeing results in the mirror – which will motivate you even more. Then, when people in the gym stop you ask you what you’re doing that’s making you look so fit, you’ll get even more pumped. Then, when you lift your shirt on day 90 and see your abs uncovered, you’ll be sold. Never will you go back to the Oreo-eating days and you know what, you won’t even care anymore.

Like everything else in life. The hardest part is starting and getting into the groove. Once you have a few weeks under your belt, and you’ve established a rhythm, the rest is cake! To motivate you to start and do the things you KNOW you SHOULD be doing I thought I’d show you what other Jet Set Body Members are doing to “get in the grove” and commit to the program. After all, you get out of it, what you put into it!

Here’s a photo diary of our latest Jet Set Body rocking couple Andi & Lori! I’m so proud of how much they’ve committed to their body and their health and becoming an awesome, healthy role model for their little baby boy! People!!! THIS is how it’s DONE!

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