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Coming Soon… Jet Set Body Light!

You asked for it. We answered.

Jet Set Body Light ~ Coming July 17th

Let’s chat a little….shall we?

Has it been a while since you’ve been to the gym? Like, high school?

Perfect! We love a newbie! There’s nothing like having fresh putty to mold! That’s right- We said MOLD! Our goal isn’t to help you be happy with the number on the scale! Our goal is for you to be happy when you look in the mirror without, ahem, clothes on! That means we need to shape your muscles and incinerate the fat through proper nutrition, weight training (no ladies you will not “bulk up”) and of course some specially designed, but limited cardio!

When you go into the gym, do you find yourself making a B-line for the cardio and avoiding the weight machines because they scare the crap outta ya?

This is soooo common. Cardio machines are so much easier to use (and they come with TVs)! There’s very little you have to learn and proper form, for the most part, is kinda automatic. But on the weight training floor, especially the free weight area, it can look like Kennedy Space Center to the newbie. We are not only going to tell you which machines to use, but we’re going to tell you how to use them right!

Are you a diet-aholic? Have you tried a juice fast, apple cider vinegar diet, counting points, eating only frozen prepackaged low-calorie meals, the infamous grapefruit diet or the ‘wish it was true’ cookie diet?

How’d that work for ya? Chances are, if you’re reading this, they failed. Why? Because diets set you up for failure. If they don’t fit into your lifestyle of kids sporting events, dinners out with your significant other or BBQ’s with family, then they just can’t work. Are you really going to bring a prepackaged frozen meal to your best friend’s dinner party? EPIC FAIL!

Good news with us- is we’re going to TEACH you HOW to eat REAL FOOD,  ANYWHERE. And, we make you eat those yummy, ‘forbidden’ treats weekly….true story!

Okay kids…that’s it for now. But, over the next week we’ll be giving you more info on our newest product, tips etc…

And on July 17th we’ll be launching our newest baby, Jet Set Body Light!!!!


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