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Goals: Rob & Kim Take On Fitness Universe

Many of you know that to keep ourselves motivated and challenged, Rob and I have been competing in Fitness competitions a couple of times each year. We get asked questions all the time about what exactly is a “fitness competition”, why we do it and what it’s like. So- I thought I’d give you a little play by play, behind the scenes of our last show- Fitness Universe in Miami!

What is a Fitness Competition?

Fitness competitions can have many categories. The organization that Rob and I compete in is a drug-free, family friendly organization called Fitness Universe. Usually we’re at the two largest shows of the year, Fitness Universe (Miami) and Fitness America (Las Vegas), somewhere between 400-600 competitors show up to compete in Fitness, Model, Bikini, Figure and Bodybuilding.

I compete in the Fitness Division. I have to perform a two-minute routine that showcases my strength, flexibility, endurance and can use dance, gymnastics etc… to enhance the routine. Then we also have a two-piece swimsuit round where our physique is judged, as well as our overall beauty, presentation etc.. Here’s a video of my Romeo & Juliet routine from Fitness Universe 2012. (Jet Set Body peeps- this IS the basis of the functional workout!)

For Rob, he competes in the Model division. Sounds silly maybe, but as a guy, his choices were fitness (he’s not a dancer- although he often is caught dancing), bodybuilding (not interested in becoming a giant muscled human) so- that leaves model. He has three rounds: swimwear, sportswear and club wear. Most shows have a runway and a stage, and yes, they literally model.

This year he placed 21st out of 75. Not bad for a guy competing against working models, most of which are half his age!

Why Do We Do It?

A few reasons why we do this. In life, and in fitness, it’s easy to become bored and complacent. It’s easy to not work as hard because there is always tomorrow. It’s easy to let yourself go. But- when you have to be in a swimsuit, being judged, on stage in 13, 12, 11, 10…..3, 2, 1 weeks, you’re highly motivated.

Also, we enjoy it. It’s a hobby. We don’t take it too seriously. In fact, I remember Rob’s first national show where he placed 58th out of 75 guys. He walked around telling everyone he was the 58th hottest fitness model in the Universe. Plus, we love being surrounded by amazing competitors and friends that share our love and lifestyle of fitness.

What Is The Show Like?

In one sentence: Hurry up….and wait. It’s a lot of “preparing” and about 45 seconds to 2 minutes of actual stage time. We usually pack the rest of our time at the competition with photo shoots, interviews and quality time with friends and family. Here’s a quick snapshot of our week of show.

Tuesday: I prepare our food, almost 25 pounds of extra lean mini burgers for the weekend  and bring it with us so there are no last minute “diet issues”. Thankfully the host hotel is across the street from a grocery store so we can pick up the veggies and fruits we need there!

Packing time! Even with competing, bringing our food and have tons photo shoot clothes, we still carry-on only! Luckily we have our new fitness bag (his black, mine is purple) that doubles as a KILLER carry on! This bag is AMAZING! So many little compartments to hold everything I need, PLUS- even packed out, it fits under the seat on the plane. (MUCH more to come on this bag later).

: Fly to Miami. Once we’re settled into our room at the host hotel, it’s tanning for Rob, hair and make-up for Kim. We’re getting ready to shoot Rob’s segment for MensFitness.com and then a sunset photo shoot on the beaches with veteran fitness photographer, John Lathrop.

Thursday: I head to registration with the girls and Rob heads to the beach for a sunrise photo shoot. Then it’s media day, tons of camera flashes and mini-interviews. Then it’s our Team Savage meeting and final check-ins with our team and coaches from Cathy Savage Fitness. Last is Kim’s 3-hour rehearsal for the Fitness America “Opening Number”. Good night’s rest because tomorrow is SHOWTIME!

Sleep in a little later, then we head to watch my friends and teammates compete in other divisions. Rob registers for the competition and then compete his first round of three at 4pm.

Now it’s Kim’s BIG show! Fitness Universe Finals at 7pm. Kim rocks her routine places 12th out of the best in the best. The winner actually is Kim’s teammate from Cathy Savage Fitness. (Fun Fact: She and Kim did gymnastics together as kids too!) Kim is officially done, she heads to the lobby to enjoy a off-plan meal and glass of wine with friends and fellow competitors!

Saturday: It’s all about Rob! Tanning and final preparations for his last two rounds. Rob
places 21st! Just a few points separate him and the Top 10! Show is over, and the champagne is popped!!!!

We head out to South Beach’s Lincoln rd for a yummy celebratory Italian meal at Kim’s favorite casual spot, Rosinella’s and dessert at the Ice Box!

Hotel for a nap and then it’s off to dinner at Casa Tua and then meeting our friends at Mynt to celebrate all of our accomplishments!

What Happens When It’s Over?

Once we get through a weekend of indulging in sweet treats, gooey pastas and plenty of cocktails, we plan our next goals. This means we map out the next show, which usually is Fitness America, November in Las Vegas. But, due to the crazy, wild success of Jet Set Body- Vegas is just not an option this year. We’re taking a year off from competing to focus on our business as well as tweaking our bodies to come in better for the next show, which will be Fitness Universe in Miami 2013….maybe you want to join us?


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