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The Next Jet Set Body Superstar: Courtney

Do you think Courtney should be the Next Jet Set Body Superstar? Read her story and if you agree, click “Like” below!

We’re going to announce the winners of the free program on December 20th!
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Thank you for the chance to have this amazing opportunity!  I am a fitness fanatic with a love of pizza, fries and candy and a hatred of vegetables.  My relationship with food has never been a healthy one; from trying to eat as little as possible or nothing at all, to overindulging to the point of sickness and purging what I had just devoured.  While I am no longer trying either of those extremes, I could use more structure and accountability to ensure I develop a healthy relationship with food and a consistent workout plan.

Working out has shown me how strong of a person I am physically and mentally.  I would love to have this opportunity and be able to take what I learn to help other young women and girls to develop into strong healthy women.

Thank you!


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  • Reply Grandma December 11, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Good luck, Courtney!

  • Reply Donna Snyder December 14, 2011 at 10:42 am

    I truly hope Courtney wins as she is very deserving.
    Having many of the same food issues for way more years than Courtney is old, I can empathize with her
    tale. Which by the way was very entertaining to read.
    Not only is she an awesome young woman, but she has a definite flair for writing.

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