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The Next Jet Set Body Superstar: Trish

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Thank you for this opportunity! I’ve reached that oh so depressing phase of life where some of us think “this is good enough”. I’ve used “no time” “family responsibilities” and “work” as excuses long enough. I know I can’t do this on my own and why should I? My overall health is really good but family history says the future could look bleak. I’ve signed up for my first “run all the way” 5K at the end of March and I need a life style change partner! I like curves but not jiggly ones! I finally want my outside to match my inside. I have a great life and support system and I want to live a long happy healthy life with them. With that being said, I have nonexistent will power and emotional eating not to be reckoned with. It’ll be hard I know. I’ll wish for death or murder but if I can stick with it, it’ll be amazing. And maybe I will inspire other working moms out there to think “This may be good enough but what if I could make it better?”. We’ll see! Thanks for reading and please vote!!

Trish Lowrie

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  • Reply Dani Watkins December 9, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Good for you girlie. I know you can do it

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