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The Spring Break Six Pack Program

Spring Break Six Pack

FYI: The is for MEN only!!!!!

We field phones calls, texts and emails all the freakin’ time from our guy friends begging us for what to do peak shape for their beach vacation. The catch is, they always wait till the last minute and only have a few months to get it together. Yeah, they workout and look okay, but they want to hit that beach with a SLAMMING SIX PACK!

How do you know if The Spring Break Six-Pack is right for you?

  1. Are you a guy (easy question)?
  2. Heading for a vacation and short on time and want abs?
  3. You already workout, but don’t have super-defined abs?
  4. Are committed to doing what we say for 8 weeks?

If you answered yes to these questions, then The Spring Break Six-Pack is for you!

Get it Here ———> the Spring Break Six Pack

If there is something that this 46 year old, Men’s Fitness Online model and correspondent, Rob Murgatroyd, knows how to get – it’s abs!

Spring Break Six Pack eBook$39.95

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