Get Hot for the Holidays with Rob & Kim

Here we are again! “The Holidays” are beginning! The struggle is REAL during that stretch from Halloween candy through New Years champagne toasts! What’s crazy, is that this period has only a few actual “holidays”, yet most people through their skinny jeans aside and chow-the-f-down! “I’ll just get back on my plan AFTER the holidays (which usually means late January or early February by the way).

I have a question. What if you could have your (bundt) cake and eat it to?

I know that seems like a crazy idea. But what if you could still enjoy the holidays AND fit into your New Year’s outfit? Or even better, have to buy a new one because the one you wore last year was to big? Hmmm….

The Solution…..

Jet Set Life’s Hot for the Holidays Program

2016 Hot for the Holidays participant Jill A!

2016 Hot for the Holidays participant Jill A!

What is it?

Hot for the Holidays is our program to give you EVERYTHING you need to keep you on track through the holidays. Here’s what you get!

  • Group Support
  • Accountability Coaching with Rob & Kim
  • Kim’s Jet Set Body Holiday Cookbook
  • Bonus EASY recipes for dinner and parties
  • Fun home/travel workouts
  • 60+ organic, non-gmo easy meals
  • Our 30 day detox program to help reboot your metabolism
  • Chance to win $200 in free food, trips and a grand prize of $25,000

How does it work?

With the rush of the holidays, EASY is a requirement, right? We are going to take the guess work out of eating healthy and make it SIMPLE! When you give your body what it needs, it does what it’s supposed to do. And candy corn, extra holiday booze and grandma’s stuffing just aren’t going to cut it!

We will provide you with a menu guide, easy recipes and a nutrition system that will give your body all the nutrients it needs to reduce cravings, release extra pounds AND increase your energy naturally! You will have “indulge meals” that you can schedule so you don’t miss the fun at the parties and you’ll have “reset” days where we’ll share our tricks and tips to reduce that holiday bloat and get back on track!

How much does it cost?

The ONLY cost is for your food from our wholesale organic home-delivery company. Think of it like Costco and Amazon having a Superfood Nutrition baby. For most people, it’s literally a reallocation on your food budget. Add up the following, breakfast (home or drive through), all Starbucks trips, lunches that you bring or grab on the go. Chances are you’ll see you’re ALREADY spending between $10-18 per day. Damn those lattes are pricey, right?

Our packages for this system will be between $10-20 per day and replace all that shizzle we just mentioned above (2 meals and even your coffee can be replaced!). PLUS you’ll get a few other AWESOME products that’ll make you feel on top of the world, and get your into your NEW skinny holiday jeans.

So to recap the cost- it’s the SAME cost as what you are currently spending AND you’ll reach your goals!


1-24-copyHow do I sign up?


Step: 1 Fill out this quick survey

Step 2: Check your TEXT and EMAIL for a message from Rob or Kim!

Step 3: Jump on a 20 minute call to discuss your goals, make sure this program is a fit for you and get you enrolled!


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