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Jet Set Body Holiday 45 Day Contest Winner: Sarah B

“The Holidays”, even though they are technically only a few days out of a 45 day period, end up being a full season of eating and drinking with new cookies, baked goods, sparkly cocktails waiting for you, calling your name everywhere you turn!

For our Jet Set Body Members, we decided to give them a little motivation to NOT gain the Holiday 10 lbs! Instead, to push hard, indulge a little and create some great results! What was the motivation? The winner of the 45 day challenge wins a $250 gift card (just in time for the holidays), 90 days of personal one-on-one coaching and a free Jet Set Body program for a friend! Value…over $2,000!

Our members were definitely on board with this one! Jet Set Body is a 90 day program, so to ONLY the first 45 days and make great changes, you HAD to be COMMITTED! And they were!!!! With the results they received, I can’t wait to see these Jet Set Body Members FINAL results in another 45 days!

This leads me to the deserving winner of the 2012 Jet Set Body Holiday 45 Day Contest. She’s a busy company-owner, mother of 3 and achieved awesome, visible results in just over a month with a $10/month gym and low-prep ordinary foods.

Sarah’s Results & Why We Chose Her

Rob and I deliberated for a few hours over the pictures that we received on the final day of the contest. There were so many entries that were definitely in the running for the top spot!
But in the end, Sarah absolutely deserved the crown! I’ve been asked many times, “what do you look for in the pictures?” Again, remembering that this is NOT a full Jet Set Body 90 Day comparison, but half of it – only 45 days of clean eating and training hard, with the weekly on-track a.k.a cheat meals included. When we look at Sarah’s pictures, here’s what we see.

In the comparison side picture, there is an OBVIOUS narrowing of her waist and lower abdominal area is FLAT. And, my favorite part…check out her arms! She’s built a lean and toned delt and tricep, yes, in ONLY 45 days!

In the front picture, overall, her body is more narrow in appearance from the front, in yes, ONLY 45 days! Look at that tiny waist! You can definitely tell those shoulders are SO much more toned and the arms have more shape. Her waist has narrowed quite a bit and you can see her abs peaking out! Now she can say she’s a Mom of 3 WITH ABS!

Also- her hips and legs have reduced and have a nice sleek, more lean and toned shape. Can you imagine what she’s going to look like in another 45 days! Holy smokes I’m excited!

Here is Sarah’s Story In Her Own Words

I’ve always “exercised” fairly regularly– by that I mean going running, a step or spinning class, or lifting weights here and there. But in the last several years, as my life as a full-time business-owner and mom has taken over, I found that a sporadic exercise plan just hasn’t been able to keep the beginning of the so-called “middle-aged spread” away. And that bothered me. I can fake it for a while, but when it comes down to it, I’m just not happy with not feeling and looking my best. Plus, my supply of jeans that fit like I want them to was beginning to seriously dwindle.

So I began to look into exercise programs that set up a specific program for me and I settled on P-90X. I liked the well-roundedness of the exercise program and that I could do it at home, but I confess that I did not complete the entire 12-weeks. My solid hour of video every day soon began to be regularly interrupted by “kid emergencies” like cereal box spills and helping mediate arguments. Plus, I found myself dreading another hour of the same videos and fighting excuses as to why I simply did not have an hour to spare. Despite the well-planned program and solid exercises, it wasn’t working. I could tell I was definitely getting in better shape and gaining muscle, but I couldn’t maintain the schedule–even as a pretty self-motivated person.

Three years and a bit more flab later, I came across Jet Set Body when my husband mentioned he knew someone for whom it had been life-changing. I wasn’t sure if the Light or Regular version was best for me since I was generally “in shape” but had definitely not been on any sort of regular strength-training regimen. Always up for challenging myself, though, I decided on the regular program and liked what I found:

• First, the workouts are very different each day– some shorter, some longer. Strength-training, cardio of different intensities, focus work on a specific body part, power-cardio, etc. The change-up is huge for me. Not that P-90x didn’t rotate exercise types also, but this is better because you have choices in so many areas rather than a set video for each day.

• Also, this is the first time I’ve even attempted the food part of an exercise program– which I now see makes all the difference! I’m generally a fairly healthy eater, but confess to binges of Pringles or Little Debbies occasionally. And I don’t have the time or patience at this point in my life for long, complicated shopping lists and recipes requiring dried Shitake mushrooms, lemon zest, etc. Rather than a long booklet with involved recipes for each meal, it’s so easy to follow the food categories instead. Again, I can choose what works best for me and know it’s all still in the plan. When it’s time for lunch I can grab a banana and microwave some Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs and a sweet potato– and call it a meal. Yet when I want a more flavorful, hot dinner I can also cook something on plan for my family. The provided shopping lists were great, too.

• Seemingly very unique to JSB is the personal help.Yes, I know other programs advertise websites where you can log on and ask questions, but when I was wondering about a specific exercise, I emailed my question and received an immediate personal response from Kim as she traveled home from overseas.
I think my jaw hit the keyboard! And you could tell she didn’t mind at all AND it wasn’t a canned answer. Plus, the daily posts in the private Facebook page with workout suggestions, encouragements, and comments for the contestants really helped keep me going for the last 45 days– I couldn’t just fade off the radar.

Even though I possess a fair share of intrinsic motivation, there were/are a couple challenges for me in the past 45 days and currently. The main one for me is time. My husband is an entrepreneur and works early to late hours and often on weekends, so I can’t easily leave to get to the gym. My kids are 6, 8, and 11 and involved in lots of activities, so that also takes up a big chunk of my time. Because I own my business, I can leave during the day to get to the gym, but I feel guilty doing that when I’m supposed to be working. SO- it’s a struggle. But here’s where the beauty of JSB kicks in: because the plan is varied enough, I can break it up to get it all finished. I’ll go running or do my cardio (if required on that day) in the morning at home, and then go to the gym on my lunch hour or just before I pick up the kids. Sometimes it ends up that I only have about 30 minutes there, so I’ll do all the exercises on the list that require machines, and then come home and do the snow angel lifts or planks or walking lunges in my basement after the kids go to bed. Sure, I’d love to have 60-90 minutes in the gym each time (or dream big.. a home gym!) but even if not– I can still cover everything. And on days that are really impossible, I do one of the travel workouts JSB provides so that I’m still in it.

Get Jet Set Body Now

I think the key here for me is all about choice, variety, personal contact and flexibility. It seems to be a program that can live with me as I live– and produce measurable, dramatic results. That’s what I need to continue to go beyond this 45 -day challenge on onto the rest of my life in the best shape I can be.
Not just a “get fit quick” program, but something realistic and sustainable. Actually, not even just “fit” but transformed! As I turn 45(!) at the end of this week, I’m excited about my continued future with Jet Set Body.

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