25 Ways to Avoid Holiday Blubber

Let’s face it…from Thanksgiving (okay, maybe Halloween) through a week after New Year’s it’s a freakin’ free for all of food, hot chocolate, eggnog and sinfully deliciousness around every corner. What does all of this mean? Well, usually about 7-10 extra smushy pounds to lose come January 1st!

My advice? Start your Say No to Holiday Blubber plan NOW! And to help you, here are 25 of my best holiday tips to keep the new bulge at bay!

#1: Plan your “treat-meals”, “on-track meals” or “reward meals” around your party schedule. What does this mean? If you plan to have 2 of these “treat meals” per week, and you have a dinner party on Saturday night- use one of your meals for the party. Don’t have your normal treats, then add extra ones for your social schedule! Stay on-plan!

#2: Workout often. Let’s be honest, the “Holiday Season”, is no excuse to skip your workout. I suggest doing it first thing in the morning before your day gets to hectic!

#3: Water, water everywhere. You are going to eat and drink more during this “season”, period. So- help your body detox, stay hydrated and flush out the icky stuff with extra water.

#4: Start….yes, you heard me, start the Jet Set Body Nutrition Elite program BEFORE the holidays! This will be you a PLAN, have SUPPORT and awesome COACHING through the most difficult time of the year. Fill out the application here.

#5: Repeat after me….”Yes, I’d like white meat please, without skin”. When the turkey is put on the table, know in advance that you are only eating white meat. No need to add the extra fat and calories with something as boring as turkey! Save it for something you’ll really love, like dessert!

#6: Bring a healthy dish with you to dinner parties. Let the hostess know in advance that you want to bring something. Offer a salad, grilled veggie plate, fruit based dessert or other healthy option. Just don’t insult the hostess by saying that you want to make sure there’s something “healthy” on the table.

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#7: Buy a new gorgeous dress or sleek suit for you New Year’s Eve party in your “skinny size”. Hang it in your closet and remind yourself that wearing this dress on New Year’s Eve is the goal!!!

#8: Be prepared at work. Everyone brings in treats, snacks and holiday goodness during this time. Make sure to stay out of the break room and pack your food for the day, including healthy snacks. Another option is to bring something healthy, but yummy to share with your co-workers one day!

#9: At buffet parties, it is not your responsibility to watch the food table- lol. Don’t park yourself near the sweets, instead, walk around and mingle! If you need a place to park yourself, find a room without food so you won’t be a food stalker!

#10: Set limits and don’t give in. If you tell yourself that the Saturday night party is your “treat-meal”, and Friday rolls around and you’re craving pizza- don’t do it! Stick to your guns! Remember tip #7!

#11: Engage in a new exercise class or program. During the holidays, add something new to your schedule. Maybe try Zumba, or take a twice a week boot camp style class with a friend. The goal is to get excited about something new so you’ll stick to it through the holidays!

#12: Just because your lunch or dinner is going to be off-plan- doesn’t mean you should eat bad for the entire day. On days where you know you’re going to have a treat or two, plan healthy to be healthy for the rest of the day. Eat a great, healthy breakfast first thing, then plan your “other” meals for the day. Try Kim’s Egg Poppers – you can make them in advance so you can continue on with the hectic holiday routine!

#13: Before you go to a Holiday buffet party, fill up on a liter of water, a protein shake and an apple. The combination of the water, fiber and protein will keep you more full longer – so you’ll snack less.

#14: Skip seconds. Your stomach pouch only holds about 3-4 cups of food and liquid. Between your drinks, salad, veggie, yams and turkey on one normal sized plate, it’s full. There’s no need to have a second or third helping.

#15: Get extra exercise during your day by parking in the last spot of the parking lot and taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator!

#16: Volunteer to help clean up after dinner. This will keep you out of the left overs and moving! Did you know that doing the dishes after a dinner party can burn up to 200 calories alone? Time to get washing!

#17: Use a small plate. Portion control is key! At a buffet, find a small dessert plate and use it for your meal too. This way, you can’t overfill it and if you apply tip #14, you won’t have seconds either!

#18: Fill up on proteins first. At your holiday meals, choose the leanest proteins to fill up on first. Then go for veggies without sauces, and starches without too much sugar or butter. But, leave a spot for a small portion of the off-plan items you love, this is a lifestyle after all.

#19: Eat slowly. Often, people eat too quickly, have a second helping and then feel sick. Eat slow, engage in conversation and enjoy the food on your plate. Your brain will have more time to catch up and tell your body that it’s full.

#20: Give your pup some exercise! After dinner, take your four-legged friend for a nice, long walk. It’s good for both of you!

#21: Learn to cook lower fat, lower sugar and healthier holiday treats. Just don’t tell anyone who’s eating them and they won’t even know!

#22: Get enough sleep. The Holidays tend to be more stressful than any other time of the year. Make sure you’re in bed every night at a decent hour and get 7-9 hours of sleep. This is an important tip if you want to avoid getting sick this Holiday season!

#23: Make a pact with a friend to stay healthy and fit this holiday season. Check in with each other multiple times per week and support each other. Make plans for extra fun workouts, healthy coffee dates and holiday shopping trips. —> Last shameless plug for Jet Set Body Nutrition Elite! We have a private FB group filled with tons supportive peeps ALL with the same goal!!!!

#24: Do extra “home” work! You can burn 400 calories by raking the leaves, shoveling snow and giving you home a “winter deep cleaning”! And then you’ll be ready for tip #25!

#25: Surround yourself with like-minded friends! Throw a healthy Holiday pot-luck party. Ask your friends to each bring one healthy dish and supply “wine spritzers” instead of endless bottles of booze. Half the wine, half the calories, just as fun!


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