Testimonial: Bryce Henson Goes From Fit to Ripped!

It’s no wonder the Bryce got the ripped abs he was looking for with this personal motto driving him “You want something; go get it. Period.” (quote by Will Smith). He proves that when you follow the plan….the whole plan…and nothing but the plan… Jet Set Body yields nothing but RESULTS! He’s a perfect example of a “fit guy” taking his body to the next level!

Bryce1. Why did you decide to do Jet Set Body? I wanted a 6 pack and to get more lean and toned!!!

2. What were your overall results (how much weight, inches did you lose, strength gained, toned etc..)?
I wanted a 6 pack, to get more lean and toned and I did!!!!!!!

3. What was your favorite part of the program overall? RESULTS

4. What was the hardest part of the program for you? the first week of adjusting from my old habits (which were not bad, just JSB had the little tweaks I needed to get me to the next level). Once adjusted after the first 7-10 days, everything went well.

5. What changes did you notice in the first, second and third month (appearance, energy, etc..)? appearance, lines on the abs, way more definition! I started noticing at the end of month 2.

6. How do you plan to maintain your results past the 90 day mark? I just finished the program 2 weeks ago. Took a 10 day break of the strictness but firing up a second round

7. What’s your favorite ‘Healthy Jet Set Body’ meal? Umm, soo many – hard to choose!

8. What’s your favorite ‘Reward Meal’? frozen yogurt with mocha balls

9. What advice would you give to someone starting Jet Set Body? Be like Nike – JUST DO IT!

10. How has Jet Set Body changed your life? It has increased my happiness and given me the tools to know that I can always be in amazing shape.

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