Jet Set Body Has a New Cleansing Program!

DSC_0317So a few years back, Spring of 2012 to be exact, Kim added a one day, cellular cleanse to her 12 week competition plan. It was a suggestion from her fitness coach (fitness Icon), Andi Martin, who is part of the famous Cathy Savage Fitness team. Kim added this to her routine of all-natural meal replacements and her Jet Set Body nutrition and exercise plan. The combination created the best physique that Kim had ever brought to the stage. (Pic Right)

I however, resisted the cleanse and meal replacements, because I felt that I didn’t “need it” to create my physique. And, reality is, I didn’t.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2014. All of a sudden, my world, especially my food prep was turned upside down. Why? Because a new little buddle of joy and drool joined the Jet Set Body family, and her name was Sophia. In the years prior, Kim prepped all of my meals, 6 per day, everyday. Yes, I am a very spoiled man. But, when this little sweet, and incredibly needy baby girl showed up, that all changed. Getting Kim to prep 6 meals a day on top of caring for a newborn, just wasn’t going to happen. And, as I was left to fend for myself, sooooo, truth be told I gained 10lbs and my abs went into hiding.

I sat down with Kim to come up with a plan of “fat-attack” and to convince her to prep all my meals again. Her response, “It’s time to learn how to prep your own food.” Ummmm…..not the answer I was looking for. And I wanted that ten pounds gone before Christmas, which gave me about a month. So, she suggested I try her meal replacements and cleansing program. I was sooooooo not wanting to do this. But, I didn’t have the time, and I caved. “Fine, I’ll do it.” I said. I wanted to prove that it didn’t really work, pride made me want to hate her products.

dieting-vs-cleansing1-500x450I had my normal cheat day on Sunday, and planned my fasting cleanse day for Monday. I couldn’t imagine going through an entire day without eating, especially when I eat 6 times a day. But, I said I’d try it and I am a man of my word.

Monday came up and I poured two scoops of this powder into warm water along with a packet of powdered vitamins. Took a sip, it was okay, kinda like a berry flavored tea. I went about my day, having another “cleanse tea” every few hours. Oh, I forgot the best part…I got to eat these special little chocolates in between each “cleanse tea”. By 3pm, when my energy usually dips, I was alert and felt awesome. It was crazy, I really couldn’t believe it.

If you want more info about our Nutrition Elite Program, please fill out this survey and we’ll reach out to you soon for a consultation!

The next day I weighed myself and had lost 5lbs. Kim, of course, was gloating…and I told her that the weight loss means nothing because I was sure as soon as I ate, it would all be back. So a few days later, I weighed again, this time I was 6 lbs down. “What? Wait. How?” Not only did the weight not come back when I went back to my normal routine, but it went DOWN. So the next week, I cleansed again. This time 2 more pounds. And then the next week I hit my goal of 10lbs but did it in 3 weeks. And I honestly have never felt better in my life, so full of energy! Sooo, needless to say I became HOOKED!

11010288_10153009330994086_8904637019313777550_nWe tested our supplement line with our revamped Jet Set Body nutrition plan with a few friends of ours. One good friend has lost 40 freakin’ pounds in the first 5 weeks, which by the way, included Christmas and New Years! Who LOSES that much weight over the holidays!!! So we tried it with another busy doctor I know, and poof….13lbs of his goal 20 GONE in 5 weeks!

We tossed ideas back and forth and decided that we needed to bring this to our Jet Set Body peeps. We have NEVER backed products EVER in our life….but these products are insane, all natural and are making our life EASY and our bodies AMAZING!

If you want more info about our Nutrition Elite Program, please fill out this survey and we’ll reach out to you soon for a consultation!

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