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Welcome Message

Hey everyone!
Welcome to Jet Set Body!!!! We’re so excited to have finally launched this program! We’ve spent the last year and a half developing the Jet Set Body program. Our goal was two-fold. We wanted to develop a system that could (1) Get you shredded in 90 days, let’s say for your next trip to the islands ! (2) Become a lifestyle! You want to keep those abs right?

Because of the testing we did over the last year or so, we also learned first hand how important the maintenance plan is! We definitely don’t want you rebounding! We want you to keep your hard earned results. That’s why we included the maintenance plan for free!

First things first, let’s get you started on reaching your results! This private website is your new home. We’ve filled it with new music to charge your workouts- a nice little bonus- don’t-cha think? We also included a forum where you can chat with other JSB members and even Rob & Kim. We ask that you don’t email your questions into the JSB email. If you have a question, chances are, someone else has the same question. To help everyone, post your questions in the appropriate category in the forum and Rob and Kim will pop in a few times per week and answer them. This way we can all learn together!
So- to kick things off, here’s a few extra tips for starting Jet Set Body:

#1: You will get out of it what you put into it!
We want you to take this program and fully digest it, become it, make it your 90 mission! 90 days is a short period of time, but if this program is not a priority in your life, it just won’t work. Getting the results takes actually doing ALL of it, not half of it. You can’t just do the workout and not the nutrition plan regardless of how you eat now. Commit to it and you will get the results!

#2: Do not quit. Did I say don’t quit? Make sure what ever you do, you don’t quit! And one last thing…don’t quit!
Too many times people start something and don’t finish it. Or worse, they buy something and don’t use it. Please, we don’t want Jet Set Body to fall into the pile of programs that you just never used. We developed this program because we’re passionate about changing your body and your health! Yes, the workouts are tough. Yes, sometimes you just want a f-ing cookie and you can’t. Get over it. The things that you want most in life, are often the hardest to obtain. But once you make the change to your lifestyle, it’ll become second nature. So….don’t quit- and then you can have the cookie.

#3: Become a master at food preparation!
One of the hardest parts of this or any program is the nutrition. Rarely is it the training. So, here’s our two-cents. If you prepare your meals in advance, you’ll be successful. If you have healthy snacks prepared and ready to grab, you’ll be successful. If you have planned out breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will be successful. Here’s what we do. Every Sunday and Thursday Kim spends a little time in the chicken preparing the carbohydrates stapes like brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa; marinating and cooking the proteins like lean beef, chicken, turkey and fish; making easy-to-grab snacks protein puddings, vegetable and fruit dips with Greek yogurt and snack bars. As you will learn with Jet Set Body, variety is the key to not felling like you’re trapped. So use the shopping lists, the protein shake and snack guide and if you haven’t gotten Kim’s cook book yet, do it. It’ll save your life and make you feel 100% normal while still eating ‘on plan’!