Making Healthy Eating Easier

Sometimes, eating healthy can be a hassle. I know for me, I have to hit up 2-3 grocery stores and farmers markets to get everything I want at a reasonable cost. And that task isn’t so easy with a baby in tow! So, I’ve jumped into the world of getting great healthy organic stuff, delivered to my door! It has for sure made my life so much easier. Here are my picks for making “eating healthy” easy!

Butcher BoxMeat Delivery

Butcher Box 100% GRASS FED BEEF, ORGANIC CHICKEN, AND ALL NATURAL PORK  – Delivered monthly directly to your door. Yep, as simple as that! And ButcherBox starts at $129/month!!!!! That’s it! There’s 15 – 20 meals worth of meat in each box. It works out to only $7/meal (at a 6 – 8 oz portion size). They also include FREE shipping to the contiguous 48 states!

The taste of their meats is the BEST I’ve ever had! Honestly. It’s sooooo much tastier and CHEAPER than going to “Whole Paycheck”. And it’s way more convenient to get all my meat for the month in ONE shipment, individually frozen than heading to my local farmers market every single week!

Grocery Delivery

I was a little worried about this one! I didn’t know if the people choosing my groceries was going to give each piece of produce the “test” I would. But I was willing to give it a shot for the sake of ease.

  1. amazonfresh.0I pleasantly surprised with the quality! Just like I would’ve picked!
  2. Direct to door delivery at the TIME I wanted was soooo incredible! I could schedule delivery around my schedule and my daughter’s nap time!
  3. The MOST important… it actually SAVED me money! I was able to order JUST what was on my list. If you’re like me, when you shop, you get everything on your list, PLUS 5-10 other things that “look good”. Or worse, if I grocery shop hungry….WATCH OUT!!!

Okay so who delivers groceries? Here’s a few depending on your location…

Amazon Fresh: They deliver from your local grocery stores, restaurants and!

InstaCart: Grocery delivery from major grocery stores including Whole Foods, Costco, Publix etc..

Postmates: Among other things like take-out orders, Postmates will go grocery shopping for you!

Fresh Produce

MARCH-Farmbox-Direct-Reliable-Luxury-Sherrie-Wilkolaski-1Farm Box Direct

Can’t make the trip to your local farmers market to get organic produce? No problem! Have IN SEASON fruits and veggies delivered to your door!

An with prices from $35-$65 and FREE SHIPPING to most of the country, this is a STEAL!!!!

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