Overachieving Men Over 40: What Do You Want to Know About Getting Shredded

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Alright, Overachieving Men Over 40….it’s your time to get your questions answered!

There is not a day that goes by or a trip to the beach or pool that Rob isn’t asked 999,999 questions about his body…. like…

– How do you stay in such great shape year round, do you ever drink alcohol or eat sugar?

– How the heck are you 48 years old?

– What type of exercises do you do to get those abs?

What do you eat and how often do you workout?

– How do you make time for family, workout, working out, food prep…etc..?

And the list goes on…and on…. And…truth be told…he loves it, because he wants to pay if forward…and he loves sharing what dropped 40 freakin’ pounds off of him and got him into the best shape (both in appearance and in health) of his life!

Sooooooo…. We would love to hear what YOUR burning questions are via the form below so we can make sure we answer them…..

Psssttt….if you’re under forty and have a question….go ahead an ask…we’re not carding anyone…..

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