The Fit Mom Dilema (and Solution)

11193375_10153009445294086_1120626747021891091_nTruth. Even for a fitness competitor, fitness expert, exercise enthusiast – when you have a baby – it can be HARD to reclaim your pre-baby body.  And not because it’s just sooooo hard to get in shape, because honestly, getting in shape after baby is pretty much the same formula as pre-baby. The difference is now you have another whole person that takes priority in your life. Every mommy has had her day turned upside down by a non-napping, teething monster.

You know how people say “When you make plans God laughs.” Well, same goes for babies! Make plans for a girls night out, sign up for a new class at the Barre studio and undoubtedly your baby will spike a 104 fever 15 mins before you’re supposed to leave. Moms put their lives on the back burner. And guess what? That’s okay. It’s instinctual. It’s our job. And sometimes, private princess parties and park dates are just more important. But you don’t have to lose yourself in your kid’s lives. Finding a balance isn’t easy, but once you do, it’s totally worth it.

So how do you find the balance? How can a mommy fix this endless cycle and get back to feeling incredible again? How can a mommy fit it all in? Well, it’s no easy and in an effort to have total transparency, I’m still trying to figure that out. But, here are the three things that I’ve learned so far (in the last 17 months):

  1. The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen: Tim Ferriss taught me this concept. We’ve always applied it to business but now, I apply it to my life as a whole. Example: I may make a plan to go to the gym and drop the baby at the daycare three days per week. But, I know that without a doubt, there will be days that she’s sick and can’t go to daycare. I just need to role with it, because there will also be plenty of days when it all works out as planned. Your ability to not go crazy is parallel to your ability to pivot when changes occur.
  2. Pregnancy Comparison copyGet Efficient with Food: Don’t you love when someone tells you to “Sleep when the baby sleeps.”? My answer was always, “Okay so then I should clean when the baby cleans, do laundry when the baby does laundry then too?”. Shizzle….if only I could sleep when the baby sleeps! I’ve got shit to do! lol When I had my little one, my world changed. But when she consistently refused a bottle, and only would nurse, I became the sole food source for the first six months. What’s that mean? Simply put, I couldn’t leave her longer than 60-90 mins. I couldn’t reduce calorie intake to lose weight. I couldn’t over exercise for fear of lowering my milk supply. Nursing is also exhausting. And when I wasn’t nursing, I was often holding her in my arms as she slept. So, with this, making myself a “meal” became almost impossible. It’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing quick things, overly process crap food. I knew that if I went down the road of grabbing junk food out of ease that I would be very sorry and my dreams of post-baby abs would be impossible. I had to get efficient. Meals needed to be quick, healthy and easy. I quickly learned that I had no time to dilly-dally. I became VERY efficient and leaned on high-quality, natural shakes and bars to supplement my whole food snacks/meals. It made my life soooooo much freakin’ easier and made bouncing back (at least on the scale and IN clothes lol) easier! Looking great “naked” is next on the list! lol
  3. My workout partner is cuter than your workout partner!!! 16 weeks till summer starts NOW!! ☀️✈️Short Intense Sweat Session: This piece is the HARDEST for me personally. Seriously. You’ve gotta find what works for you and your child’s personality. There’s no “one answer” to this question. I’ve tried every version of getting in a workout. I have friends that wake up super early before their kids get up, which would be optimal for me…but, right now, it’s not an option as I co-sleep. And when I get up, she gets up. And since the only time I have to work is when my little one naps, I can’t use that time to workout. #WorkAtHomeMamaProbs  I’m left with doing it with her awake. Which in my house, isn’t possible. I’m constantly breaking up sibling fights between her and our maltipoo or chasing her as she tries to climb on the entertainment center. So….I was left with finding a gym with a daycare I trusted. Thankfully there’s a really nice daycare and gym at the church down the street. The gym is by no means what I’m used to, but the daycare is amazing. Now, as long as I can survive the lower lip pout when I drop her off I’m good to go! But, honestly, I suffer from mommy guilt so making my workouts short, sweaty and fun is a priority.

Mommies deserve to feel amazing about themselves. We give and give and give. It’s the hardest and the most rewarding job on the planet. And, even though we often feel alone in the world of mommy-hood, myself included, we are not. I hate when I see the backlash “Fit Moms” get in the media. This is complete bullshit to me. Why would a mom tear another mom down because she has the balls (or desire) to rock a post-baby bikini. I say, let’s support each other and ALL of out fitness goals. Let’s create a community of incredible loving, supportive, fit moms who are creating healthy families.


If you’re a mommy and you want help on your journey, shoot me an email and we can do this TOGETHER!!!!! —>

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