St. Tropez 8-week Transformation Results are In!!!

So back a few months ago we announced that we were going to combine our Jet Set Body Fitness program with our new nutritional line and have a little contest! We knew our fitness program was amazing and that our nutritional line was not only going to deliver results…but it was going to make it EASY for people to follow!!! And boy, we were RIGHT!!!!

We gave everyone menu plans, workouts, recipes and everything they needed to transform their physiques!

Here’s our TOP 5 Transformations and a little snippet of their story.

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The Grand Prize Winner











Weight Lost: 20lbs

Inches Lost: 40″

Karen’s Story:
“I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 12. No matter how much I worked out, I seemed to always gain weight. Even though I was gaining more muscle, that stubborn layer of fat just would not budge. It’s a tricky balancing act, being an insulin dependent diabetic, but I was able to successfully complete the program without issues. My mood is noticeably better as is my clarity.  The past eight weeks have been an amazing, life altering journey. I have more energy than I’ve had since college! I no longer fall asleep on the couch at 7 PM. I now have the energetic drive to  get through the busy work day, to the gym and still be productive at home, before calling it a night. Instead of waking several times throughout the night, I now sleep until my alarm goes off. ”



The Finalists










Weight Lost: 13lbs

Inches Lost: 24.25″

Donna’s Story:

“I was excited to begin, but still skeptical. I was amazed, on my fourth day, I felt better, no headache for first time in years  in the afternoon, and I had energy. At 36 days, I felt much better, no night sweats, no headaches, no crashes, but disappointed with only 9  pounds lost, and 12.5 inches. It is a great feeling of pride and accomplishment  when we compared our “after” to our day one. The best was Ken and I going to the beach and out on   the boat on July 4th and everyone kept commenting how good we looked.”











Weight Lost: 6lbs

Inches Lost: 5.75″

Liz’s Story:

“I have been active my whole life but I started to  find myself taking daily naps, which I always swore I wouldn’t do. Immediately   when I began Isagenix, the shakes, Ionic Supreme, E shots, and Replenish my daily   routines changed- I never need a nap, my body feels so refreshed, and I love putting   a bikini on!! I have lost 6 pounds, grown a little booty, lost a lot of my tummy, and   now have arm and back muscles! I know 6 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot… but I now finally have real muscle and you know what they say…muscle weighs more than fat!!”











Weight Lost: 7lbs

Inches Lost: 16.75″

Lisa’s Story:

Eight weeks ago, something popped up in my facebook newsfeed asking if you had 10-15 pounds to  lose and if you wanted to enter a contest to win $1,000.  I was not overweight, but after baby # 2 I   definitely had a few pounds to lose, so I inquired.  Before I received all of the information I had the   perception that this was some sort of “shake diet” where you would be skipping meals and drinking   shakes so I thought who couldn’t lose weight that way, boy was I wrong, I eat more than I did! As a full time working mother of a three year old and a one year old I  was originally overwhelmed at the meal plan, how was I going to squeeze in all this food prep only   for myself, still make the rest of the family something on top of working 40 hours a week, pumping   3 times a day and nursing a baby when I was home, not to mention the countless daily chores that   go along with it and when could I possibly work out?  I decided those were all excuse, I owed it to   myself to make the time and I’m so happy that I did. I never feel like I am starving or deprived, don’t feel like I’m on this strict diet where I can’t eat anything, I’ve chosen to eat certain things at times and the results are still there which makes it so easy to foresee maintaining this lifestyle.  What started out as a “contest” quickly turned into a lifestyle change and “winning” never crossed my mind, it still doesn’t, because I feel like I’ve already  won.




Weight Lost: 25lbs

Inches Lost: 19″

Ken’s Story:

“Eight weeks ago I was really struggling with my health. Although I consider myself healthier than most, I lift weights 4-5 times a week and do interval training 3 times a week,  I was having issues every afternoon with low or no energy.  I was consuming massive  amounts of caffeine in the morning through coffee, soda and preworkout drinks. The first three days were great in that I felt full and my energy levels were consistent throughout the day,  and the first three days sucked because I was withdrawing from caffeine and had a massive headache most of the time. Day four was awesome,  I felt great and the headaches were gone.  I started to see the weight come off and it seemed to come off very quickly. The best part was I never felt hungry and I never craved unhealthy food. I plan on continuing my new lifestyle and after losing 25 lbs and 19 inches it’s really nice when people comment on how I look and I get to tell the how good I feel!!”


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