Staying Lean Over 40: The Excuse Effect

Rob: Note, if you’re in great shape, don’t read this post.

The most common email I get goes something like this…..

….dude I saw a few of the pics you put up on Facebook….congrats man….you look great!

Rob: wait for it…

….I would totally get on board and get myself in shape but….

Rob: here it comes…

….it’s just that [my kids], [my work], [my spouse], [my schedule], [my condition]…

Rob: Yep. I’m trying to juggle all those spinning plates too. I know. It ain’t easy. But at the end of the day, what’s your option? To turn into the fat guy/girl?  I’m just too damn vein for that! Are you just going to stay out of shape, unhealthy, wait for the moment your doctor tells you that you need to start exercising and watching what you eat or your heart may stop beating?

For me there is nothing worse than feeling old, fat and broken down. I’m 45 now. Trust me, if I didn’t take a super proactive approach to getting in shape, I would look like sh*t and feel like sh*t.

Life comes down to decisions and choices. Doesn’t it? You can NOT leave your body to chance. If you do nothing your body will get worse. It really is as simple as that. Gravity will take over and have its way with you. You’ll become old, sick and broken. What’s easier, fixing an old broken car or maintaining it regularly into its old age?

Why not make a decision today to say, “enough!”, “No more!”, “I’m sick of looking in the mirror at my belly and not being happy with it”? You can totally do something about it right now. Or, you can continue to ignore it and watch it get worse. The choice is yours to make.

Everyone is busy. Everyone has a million other things to do. This is about priorities. This is about choices. You can absolutely can find 1 hour of your time and devote it to your health and hit the gym, but you have to WANT to do it. And honestly, changing the nutrition is easy – you eat anyway, so how much harder is ordering grilled chicken over fried chicken? Yes, it’s all about choices and not about your excuses.

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