Testimonial: Andy Meeks Traveling Sales Guy With Abs!

Andy Meeks is a long-time friend of Rob & Kim. He and his wife Lori attacked the Jet Set Body Program together and got great results! Not just in appearance, but in health! These two smash all the excuses of ‘not enough time’, ‘kids’, ‘travel’ and ‘work’, showing that making the commitment to your health and to the program is a choice! Andy is busy traveling around the country running the Scout Mob empire, Lori works full-time and when they’re not working, they are busy chasing their adorable toddler all over the place! Take that excuses!

1. Why did you decide to do Jet Set Body?

I was only 2 yrs away from 40yrs old, had just had my first child, and had a constant feeling of being unhealthy and tired. Not to mention for the first time ever, my Dr told me my cholesterol was dangerously high as well as my blood pressure. WHAT? I have never had health issues. I didn’t want to start medication for this and def had no intentions of checking out of this world early so I decided to set one of the biggest goals in my life. Get in Fitness Model shape and health in 90 days. I didn’t want to just lose weight and gain some muscle, I truly wanted the big fitness goal- Fitness Model/Show stage ready. On top of that, I wanted Abs. Abs, Abs, Abs. How the hell do I get abs. And to top them all off, I wanted to get a clean bill of health from the doc.

2. What was your goal?

Lose weight, get leaner, increase strength…etc..? My goal was to gain lean muscle and (as JSB says) get shredded. I had lost all muscle definition as I got older and honestly wasn’t sure I could get it back. This was one of the “now or never”moments for me.

3. What was your favorite part of the program overall?

I really like the fact that the workouts are very specific. One thing that constantly unmotivated me was having to “think” in the gym. I trusted the workouts so my time at the gym was focused and defined. I would throw on my favorite tunes and knock it out exactly as it says in the program. No more, no less. I never got burned out in the gym and at times couldn’t believe how easy and quick it got. It became a lifestyle instead of a burden.

4. What was the hardest part of the program for you?

The last week of the diet by far was the hardest. The first couple of weeks were difficult as well since I was starting from scratch. It took a lot of effort and planning to get the diet on a momentum. Also, I had no strength or stamina so my workouts were really tough. Then all of a sudden around week three, things started to click.

5. What changes did you notice in the first, second and third month (appearance, energy, etc..)?

Appearance appearance appearance. I wasn’t the only one noticing either. A single day didn’t go by that i would see someone and they would mention something about how good i looked physically. Not only my body, but my face started to look younger. The third month I actually started to feel a little “anxious” to hit the finish line. I don’t think anyone can describe how awesome it is to open your eyes in the morning about 3 weeks away from finishing and you walk by the mirror in the bathroom and you can’t believe that is you in the mirror. Where the hell did those abs come from. From that moment on, you and the mirror are best friends. 🙂

6. How do you plan to maintain your results past the 90 day mark?

I plan on running another complete 90 days to tweak my body even further. Besides just being religious during the program, I continue to drink lots of water and will always continue to eat the portions and 6 meals a day.

7. What’s your favorite ‘Healthy Jet Set Body’ meal?

I love Flank Steak, spinach and extra virgin olive oil. Also Turkey Meatballs and green beans with some almonds.

8. What’s your favorite ‘Reward Meal’?

A Cupcake, and Parks Edge brunch with my favorite friends.

Andy's Actual JSB Refrigerator

Andy's Actual JSB Refrigerator

9. What advice would you give to someone starting Jet Set Body?

If you are just getting started, make a plan and prepare. It takes time the first week or two but becomes habit after that. It will also keep you motivated because its one less excuse to pull from. Also, as I said before, take photos yourself weekly to view your progress. Cheat meals are designed to do a couple of things. One, they shock that healthy body a little to take it up a notch. And 2, it keeps you from going insane and feeling like you are missing out. So, take advantage of them to help you stay on track. Set goals to reach as well. Whether it’s a pants size, a 4 pack abs, or cholesterol being lowered. If you have a serious goal that you are reaching for, results WILL come. You can def do this!

10. How has Jet Set Body changed your life?

I am physically a healthier person. My cholesterol and blood pressure are as perfect as can be. I wear much smaller shirts. None of my jeans fit (even a month and half after I stopped the program). I am much more confident and driven. and my lifestyle and understanding of food is a million times better. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a margarita and crappy Mexican food… but I know its place.

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