Testimonial: Sue’s 90 Day Transformation

Sue won our first ever The Next Jet Set Body Superstar contest back in December. Since, she’s been busting her butt in the gym and KILLING her workouts! Sue abolishes all those excuses of not having enough time, being a woman over 40 (she’s 42), and having kids. She’s a super-mom of two and has a ever-changing work schedule, but stays committed and focused on her health and her goals! Sue was an absolute delight to work with. She gave it 110% always – and it shows! Can’t wait to see what she looks like at Day180!!!!

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1. Why did you decide to do Jet Set Body?

I wanted to be held “accountable” for my workouts. I wanted a goal & wanted to see results! As a trainer, I’m at the gym all the time but for my clients – and I know exactly why they hire me. I needed to do the same for myself – something I’m not used to doing. Now I set aside time first thing in the morning. I am up & at the gym by 5:30am daily.

2. What was your goal? lose weight, get leaner, increase strength…etc..?

My goal was definitely to get leaner. I lost weight, too, which was an added bonus. My endurance is greater and the workouts started to seem “easier” (Shh! don’t tell anyone) 😉 Seriously, what I mean by that is that I could tell a difference from week 1 in a month and week 4 in a month. Make sense?

3. What was your favorite part of the program overall?

The variety of workouts. Loved, loved, loved doing different things daily, weekly & monthly. Loved the support and encouragement provided by Kim & Rob.

4. What was the hardest part of the program for you?

My schedule changed when I picked up a new client that wanted to train with me M,W & F at 5:30am. Yikes! I almost didn’t want to take her but I knew she had goals, too, and I could “pay it forward”. Luckily my schedule is pretty flexible so I could grab a workout at 10am or after the bus at 1pm. It’s planning and making time for yourself – you have to do it!!

Getting in 6 meals a day was an adjustment, too, but I noticed the difference and realized that I needed to do that for my body & new lifestyle.

5. What changes did you notice in the first, second and third month (appearance, energy, etc..)?

I noticed more definition in my shoulders, abs & butt – the photos helped as did taking measurements. I would say that my endurance has improved significantly each month.

6. How do you plan to maintain your results past the 90 day mark?

I plan to continue on my “clean” eating regimen & of course, I will continue working out. I will stick to the same schedule and go forward. I love the feeling, the accomplishment & the energy. Life doesn’t stop at Day 91 – I plan to continue on this journey and be the next David Garland.

7. What’s your favorite ‘Healthy Jet Set Body’ meal?

Can’t pick just one. I loved all the shakes – and really liked getting “new” recipes for shakes. The kiwi one with the coconut water… yum! I also liked the fish dishes: ruffy with oj & chili powder, etc and the seafood blend with coconut oil (I’d add spinach, too!).

8. What’s your favorite ‘Reward Meal’?

Chips & salsa. Believe it or not, this was actually a hard part for me. I love good, clean food so a “reward meal” for me wasn’t easy. I’m a salt vs. sweet but I was able to cut the salt out of my diet pretty easily (thanks to “21 Seasoning Salute” from TJs). I’m still working on this…

9. What advice would you give to someone starting Jet Set Body?

Plan ahead, grocery shop, have LOTS of good clean food on hand. If you’re hungry, you tend to grab whatever you can to curb the hunger. Pack good protein bars, apples, banana in your car, your bag, etc so that you have something in case you’re running late or in a bind. Always have water with you – drink LOTS of water!! Have fun with it & enjoy. Hard work will give you great results. Be sure to take the photos weekly & measurements.

10. How has Jet Set Body changed your life?
It has made me commit to myself and realize that I’m worth the hard work. I’ve seen the results, it’s doable and worth it. I would recommend it to any & everyone! 🙂

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    May 7, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Great job Sue! You continue to be a roll model.esp to us 40+ moms. 🙂 stacy

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