Testimonial: From Tech-Guy to Fit Guy, Travis Stowe

1. Why did you decide to do Jet Set Body?

It seemed like a crazy idea at first, but after looking back, I’m so glad I made a choice to take the Jet Set Body 90 day challenge. It was 90 days of hard work and dedication pushing my body to the max day in and day out without question, worry, or disappointment.
The reason is that I was turning 29 in February and I wanted to become fit for an Tough Mudder event here in Georgia, and I guess I felt like I’d wanted something challenging for my birthday to start off with a bang.

2. What was your goal? lose weight, get leaner, increase strength…etc..?

My first goal was to increase strength for the Tough Mudder event but ultimately I wanted to change how I looked and felt physically. I didn’t want to be just a thin guy anymore. I wanted to be more physically fit.

3. What was your favorite part of the program overall?

The results I was seeing each week : ) It was amazing to see that each week I was able to lift more weight using the dumbbells and barbells. I started seeing muscle definition around my arms and check. The results were starting to show and my wife, Yana, started taking notice which was great. I started to really enjoy going to the gym because I was doing something that was producing results where as in the past before Jet Set Body, I felt I was just wasting time and money.

4. What was the hardest part of the program for you?

I think the Specialty Workouts were the hardest part. Weight lifting was hard enough on its own but for some reason the Specialty Workouts seemed to be so much harder which seemed crazy because you are only using your body weight and repetition but it kicks your but every time.

I also struggled at first with accepting that I needed to have cheat meals ( reward meals ) once a week. I made a choice at the beginning to only eat what was within the diet plan and I was going to stick with it and then having to make a conscious decision each week to allow myself to eat something like pizza tested me because I didn’t want to stray from the program. It took me awhile to understand that the reward meals were in fact part of the plan and that I needed to realize that. After I understood, I started enjoying the reward meals each week.

5. What changes did you notice in the first, second and third month (appearance, energy, etc..)?

First month I noticed a huge drop in my waist size because non of my paints were fitting anymore. The second month is where I really started to see physical changes around my chest and shoulders. I also started noticing that I was able to run longer, work harder without resting in between and I also had more energy thought out the day. My third month is where I started seeing my abs take shape and went from a 1 pack to now a 6 pick. I struggled with my abs during the first month but as I progressed though the program I was getting more strength in my abdominal area allowing me to push harder.

6. Have you been able to keep your results since your 90th day? If so, how?

As of to date, Yes. The day I completely my 90 day program, I enjoyed the pleasure of dinning out without worrying about diet or nutrition for the weekend and man was good. Come monday, I was already back to workout and on a clean diet plan again. I’m sure I added some extra weight but I’m not going to think about it because it was my treat for working so hard for 90 days. I’ve even started cooking meals from Kim’s cookbook are delicious. I’m going to start months 4,5,and 6 soon but until then I’m sticking with my normal diet plan and workout routine so I don’t get off track.

7. What’s your favorite ‘Healthy Jet Set Body’ meal?

My truly favorite meal was Oatmeal in the morning with Blueberries and either Almonds or Peanut Butter with vanilla Protein Power. Yum!

8. What’s your favorite ‘Reward Meal’?

Pizza at first but as I got closer to my last reward meal I started craving Panera Bread – Broccoli Bread Bowl. It was amazing.

9. What advice would you give to someone starting Jet Set Body?

Have a reason other then just to get fit so that you will be more committed to completed the program. My main reason was to dominate the Tough Mudder event which is why I was so motivated to stay focused. Another very important thing to remember is to eat protein i.e. (eggs, checking, fish, etc.) and not just drink using protein powder. Kim was very adamant about this and she was right.

10. How has Jet Set Body changed your life?

I was never really interested in fitness growing up as a kid and because I was already thin (not fit), I felt, what’s the point. As I’ve gotten older; I soon learned how important it is to stay fit, plus looking good for your wife is always a plus. I caught the fitness bug mid to late 2011 and have come to love the world of fitness now. A HUGE thank you to Rob and Kim Murgatroyd with their Jet Set Body 90 Fitness Program. This program and their help changed my perspective on health, fitness, and nutrition.


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    David Siteman Garland
    March 16, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Great job, Travis!

  • Reply
    Travis Stowe
    March 18, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    @Davis, thanks David. It was hard work but a lot of fun.

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    Luis Tuschhoff
    July 11, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Just like any other diet plan plans, this diet strategy also emphasizes the significance of consuming organic and unprocessed meals for example vegetables, fruits and entire grains. This kind of diet plan also recommends the consumption or intake of lean proteins for example skinless chicken breast, and little red meat if it’s truly unavoidable.

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