Top 10 Gifts for Your Fitness Buff

Gift giving is never really easy! We want to find the perfect present for the loved ones in your life, but often, you just don’t know what to get them. So step away from the Starbuck’s Gift Card and check out my favorite ten gifts that any fitness enthusiast will absolutely love! The best part is, there’s something for every price point- I made sure to include gifts from $10-$200!


1. Help Workout Their Tight, Sore Muscles
Our Pick: TriggerPoint GRID – Revolutionary Foam Roller
The Grid foam roller is the Rolls-Royce of foam rollers. Your fitness enthusiast can use this to do an at-home massage, trigger point therapy, post workout stretch and core work! This baby won’t break down or lose it’s shape like traditional foam rollers!
Cost: $39.95

2. Perfect For the New Yogi

Our Pick: Gaiam Yoga For Beginners Kit
I love this kit because it comes with two full-length yoga workouts and props training with Yoga Beginner’s Experience DVD, aonus seated guided meditation, a yoga brick, yoga mat to help guide hand and foot placement and a yoga strap to lengthen and align stretches. What else do you need?
Cost: $24.44

3. Quick & health Grilling Made Even Easier!

Our Pick: George Foreman Next Grilleration
Everyone has a home grill…but THIS home grill is my absolute favorite! Why? Easy…
1. It has removable dishwasher safe plates! Way easier to clean than previous models!
2. I can fit 3 servings of meat on the grill at one time. Or if I’m just cooking for me, I can grill my meats and veggies at the same time! Time saver!
3. Sloped design means all the fat drains instead of just making a fat-bath for your meats!
Cost: $42.99

4. Inexpensive, Innovative & Fun for Their H20!

Our Pick: Progressive International Set of 2 Ice Sticks Trays
This one is probably my favorite. Have you ever tried getting your ice cubes into your water bottle and they don’t fit through the opening? Here’s the solution! Long skinny ice cubes! Bam- problem solved! And, you can freeze berries in these and have yourself some nice, berry water- yummy!
Cost: $7.99

5. Keep Your Guy Stylish in the Gym

Our Pick: Under Armour Cotton Storm Hoody
He’ll love how the loose keeps you warm and dry like no hoody has before. It’s built with a game-changing, water-resistant finish that literally blocks rain from seeping into the fabric. It just beads up, and slides off. If that’s not enough to keep you going in the rain, its lightweight, 4-way stretch construction gives you a total range of movement.
Cost: $69.99

6. Help Your Gal Get Organized in Style

Our Pick for Gals: Lululemon Still Groovy Bag
If you girl hasn’t heard of Lululemon yet, it’s only a matter of time. Coming on the yoga/fitness scene strong with great quality, beyond cute clothing and cool accessories that will make any gals holiday a little happier! Love this bag because it’s the perfect size for the gym, it’s water resistant and there is an exterior pocket to hold the “sweaty items”. Perfection!
Cost: $98.00

7. Make Their Life Easier with a Steamer

Our Pick: Oster 5711 Food Steamer
This baby allows hassle free steaming of your veggies, seafood, meats etc.. It’s double-decker design lets you steam two different things at the same time. And with a 75 minute timer, who needs to keep checking on your food!
Cost: $36.99

8. Refresh Their Recipes

Our Pick: Holy Sh*t eCook Book
Obviously this would make the list, I wrote it! lol

Serious- these are all of my favorite 150 recipes. And yes, they will make you say “Holy Sh*t”; there’s NO way that’s healthy – but it is! These recipes prove that you can take healthy food and have it taste frickin’ amazing!
Cost: $29.97

9. Get Them Shredded!

Our Pick:
Jet Set Body (of course!)
Of course I’m biased, but considering the abs we’ve created this year on our Jet Set Body members, I think we’re on the right track! We’ve got the ultimate fitness and nutrition program that will not only GET you the abs- but it’ll help you KEEP ‘EM!
Cost: $197.00

10. One-Year Subscription to a Fitness Magazine

There’s nothing better than getting a monthly dose of inspiration and new information! For the fitness enthusiast, it’s like GOLD! And, they’ll be thinking about how great you are all year long!
Our Pick for Guys: Men’s Health
Cost: $19.90 for 1 year!
Our Pick for Gals: Oxygen Magazine
Cost: $19.97 for 1 year!


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