Jet Set Life Team

The Jet Set Life Team Mission:

“Our vision is to not only help families get healthy but to also help them create financial breathing room, so they have the freedom to live a life they’re excited to wake up to.”

The goal is FREEDOM. Because FREEDOM gives you choice.

We’ve been working with a lot of our Jet Set Lifers on designing their dream life. And something that is a common thread is the FEAR people have to go outside the norm and against the grain. It’s like somehow society has created these rules that we are to live and work by. And sadly, truly LIVING your life isn’t the focus. It’s more about working your ass off, multiple jobs if needed to pay for the next big thing that you “should” have. I can’t help but look at the European cultures, where maybe they don’t have the McMansion, but they do take a month off in the summer to live. I mean, I guess it all comes down to personal choice, but for us, LIVING our DREAM is our goal. Experiences outweigh stuff. Friendships that are real, and deep are more important than massive popularity.

Why we have abandoned online business for the Evolved Economy!

Through the last 10 years, we’ve done it all….eBooks, online courses, google ads, niche websites, Amazon eBooks, advertisements podcasts, etc… We have skinned the “online business cat” so many ways it’ll make your head spin. At the end of the day, we learned a few VERY valuable lessons….

  1. We need to do something we are PASSIONATE about. Period.
  2. The online space changes faster than you change your underwear (assuming a daily change here folks 😉
  3. Our EGO was getting in our way of our FUTURE.

Even though we struggled to combine our passion with our website and the technology world….we kept at it!!! But, we really ended up with a giant website of inspiration…which is cool, and an outlet for our passion….but it was definitely not creating the FREEDOM we craved.

Gasp…’re doing what?!?!?

Then we checked our EGO and became open to an opportunity that literally stared us down for three years. We watched our friends go from struggling in the mid-west to traveling the world and LIVING the life we dreamed of in Santa Monica with a nutrition- based Network Marketing Company. Before you finish rolling your eyes, give us a chance to explain. Okay, back to that 10 year plan….at that time, the very thought or idea of Network Marketing to us was ridiculous. We laughed off and quite frankly stupid in our opinion…a scam, dumb, for losers etc…. #WeWereWrong

We made every excuse as to why it would “work for them” and not us. Then, another friend, who had a successful business already, tripled her income and retired her husband from a pretty nice job at 50. Hmm…..the ears began to perk up a bit more but that EGO was still saying “hell no!”. Then another friend….and another friend….and… get it. Finally. We couldn’t take it anymore and we decided to join them.

Here’s a video we did on why we have fallen in love with Network Marketing….

The Reality of Network Marketing

The reality of this profession is, there’s a really steep hill to climb and a learning curve at the beginning. At first, you do A LOT of work and make very little, but if you’re consistent, do the work and stay the course, the payoff is big both personally and financially. It takes a shizzle ton of personal development, checking your ego at the door, soul searching and introspection.

But, if you find the RIGHT company and the right product that fits your passion…. you’ll find it’s a business like no other. One that has no financial limit, that will actually grow while you’re on vacation and that you can literally do from anywhere. It’s a business where anyone can out-earn you anyone (that means there’s truly no “pyramid”), where personal development is mandatory, where helping others is required and where EGO is your greatest overhead (thanks Chris for that last nugget).

Our Personal and TEAM Success in Network Marketing

After two beautiful years, we are now massive lovers of Network Marketing as long a….

1. You 100% LOVE your company and would USE the product ANYWAY (which Kim had been since 2011)

2. You are ready to work hard and dig deep (booooyyyyy do we!) It’s really like a personal development company with a compensation plan attached! (btw Tony Robbins is one of the trainers at our next big event!)

3. Most important……you are ready to HELP OTHERS succeed (our favorite part!)

We’ve built a 6-figure+ annual income by helping others improve their health, change their body and build their dream life. We’ve built this business from our living room, our balcony in Mykonos and by visiting our team coast to coast. We have literally merged what we love: inspiration, travel, lifestyle design, fitness/health and location independent income into a super exciting and rewarding business!

And it’s not really about us anyway….

More exciting and important than our success is the success of our team. People say to us “Yeah, but I don’t have your following, your email list, your website….etc….”…..And I’ll tell you, the most successful person on our team is a mom of 4, with no following from a small town in NC! She’s Kim’s best friend who we helped  retire from her job as a nurse in 18 months so she can be home with her 4 kids, we have helped over a dozen gyms and boot camps implement a nutrition system that actually works so their clients get results (which increases retention) and have helped over 3,000 people take control of their health and life. This is one of those things where truly ANYONE can create their dream life. You don’t need a following, you don’t need to be in perfect shape, you just need to be willing to grow and truly do the work.

Apply for a Jet Set Life Team consultation with Rob and Kim to see if this is a fit for you!

By the way….our products are BADASS….