From Training Navy Seals to Being on Larry King, and Interview with Jordan Harbinger of The Art Of Charm





Discussed in this episode:

  • People who think they are charming are actually the least charming because they have no self awareness .
  • The definition of charm is somebody who is very self aware but not self conscious.
  • The people who come to The Art of Charm school are usually high performers and success people, including even Navy Team Seal Six
  • The misconception is the people who think they have charm usually don’t have it.
  • He explains who the Dunning–Kruger Effect which is basically where someone is so dumb that they don’t even understand the concepts discussed. The study was based on a guy who robbed 2 banks. He put lemon juice on his face thinking, because that’s used as invisible ink, the banks’ cameras wouldn’t detect him.
  • Determining if you’re an introvert or an extrovert has more to do with how you relax. Extraverts like to relax by talking with people or go out with people for drinks. People who are introverts believe that they they have some sort of medical excuse for not going out and meeting people and networking …which is total BS.
  • Introverts are actually some of the most social aware people because they are generally better at looking at the dynamics of a group.
  • The best way to broaden your network is ABG…. Always Be Giving
  • Best way to improve your social skill…Doorway drill…Stand up shoulders back smile on your face…reset overtime you walk through door way

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