From Over-educated, Unemployed to a Million Dollar Online Biz in 2 Years



Lana went from being “over-educated” and UNEMPLOYED to creating and owning a MILLION Dollar online business in just two years!

Discussed in this episode:

  • How her Mom created “The Feeling Friends” to help Lana overcome depression
  • How Lana beat death and used it to fuel her success
  • How the path you “think” you should be on in life, isn’t necessarily the path you’re meant for
  • How ego can be your greatest overhead and hitting rock bottom can change your life
  • What is the Natural Hair Movement and how did it prompt her to create her biz
  • How she created a niche in women’s hair that didn’t exist and became #1
  • How she built a million dollar online business with ZERO experience in business
  • How building a brand that you would want is the #1 tip in brand building

Links from this episode:

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