Shot of Inspiration: Feeling The FEAR and DOING IT ANYWAY

itunes-subscribe-web-button-2 A super quick Shot of Inspiration for you today!

Fear can be absolutely crippling. It can shut you down. But as you start to act in the face of it, you feel that fear and do things anyway, you’ll start to get used to it more and more. Fear begins to lose its grip on you and the smaller things that once scared you, don’t do fear you anymore.

  • Fantasized
  • Experiences
  • Appearing
  • Real

So many times, as we are paralyzed by fear, there is very little truth in that fear.

So, how do you get rid of the fear? Try these steps:

  • Gratitude for the things in your life, really FEEL the gratitude you have for these things.
  • Imagine a POSITIVE opposite of the fear you have. For example, if you’re afraid of flying, close your eyes and things about a comfortable ride and a smooth easy landing.
  • Ask yourself how you can expand your fear limitations. Look at the small fears you’ve overcome and continue to grow that “size of the fear”.
  • Minimize the downside. Look at the downside of what could happen and then find the ways to mitigate those downsides.

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