The MASTER of MASTERMINDS, Bedros Keuilian

itunes-subscribe-web-button-2Bedros Keuilian is the founder of the well-known “Fit Body Boot Camp” franchise, he is also the guy behind some hugely successful Internet marketing businesses, and most importantly, is well known for putting together high level masterminds that creates millionaires from people with rather small businesses.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What exactly is a mastermind today. 2:40
  • The demographic profile of people that show up to the masterminds. 5:44
  • “It’s not just the leader teaching, often times you’re tapping into the brain trust of your peers.” Bedros Keuilian 9:50
  • How does one capture all the information, what exactly is the assimilation process for the people in the room. 11:02
  • “The answer is within, my job is to ask enough questions to peel the onion until you say here is the answer.” Bedros Keuilian 14:07
  • A presentation of the perspective between what it was like when he started the masterminds and how is he doing them now. 14:20
  • About other non masterminds driven events and seminars , which events are most effective and why people prefer some over others. 17:33
  • “Even after almost 10 years in coaching consulting masterminding I still get sick to my stomach I don’t sleep well the night before a mastermind but once I’m there it all goes away.” Bedros Keuilian 21:40
  • What is the main thing that drives Bedros to do this masterminds. 22:53
  • The biggest transformational moment in his life. 24:18

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