Interview with The School of Greatness Lewis Howes

itunes-subscribe-web-button-2Discussed in this episode:


  • How to go full immersion into your goal until you own it.
  • Best way to improve confidence is by truly mastering a skill.
  • Why Lewis began his podcast and how he built his brand.
  • How we went from a second grade reading level in high school to becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author.
  • How GIVING lead his to GREATNESS.
  • How he manifested his success through visualization.
  • Why BELIEF is the #1 characteristic successful people share.
  • How a true leader meets people where they are at.
  • How becoming transparent and open rocketed him to the top.
  • How to push through your limiting beliefs to achieve your final goal.
  • How the path you’re destined for may not be the one you trying to go down.
  • Trusting the process of your life.
  • What questions to ask yourself when you hit a wall and need to shift your goal.
  • How to “get in the flow” or “laser focus zone”.
  • He’s interviewed the best of the best including Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and Arianna Huffington, but find out who the one guest is that he hasn’t been able to get YET.


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