Interview with 4x Emmy Winner, AirBnB Host and our Funniest Friend, Paul Horne

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We interviewed a 4x Emmy-winning TV writer living in LA, Airbnb Superhost, and our funniest friend ever, Paul Horne. Paul grew up in California’s Bay Area, and have lived in France, Italy, and Thailand. In a city where every waiter and waitress is waiting to be the next big thing in Hollywood, Paul is living his dream, writing full-time, taking only the jobs he loves. Is it because he has a fat trust fund? Nope. He’s brilliantly found an incredible way to leverage his assets so he can work on his passions full time, while meeting amazing new people everyday. We had the privilege of staying with Paul on a recent trip to LA and experience his Aibnb Superhost status firsthand.





Discussed in this episode:

  • How Paul uses Airbnb to give him freedom to choose writing gigs
  • How Airbnb can help your grow personally
  • What makes a great Airbnb guest
  • What makes a terrible Airbnb guest
  • What makes a fantastic Airbnb host
  • How being yourself is a great gift to the world

Links from this episode:

The Alchemist

How to connect with Paul Horne (or stay at his Airbnb):

Rent Paul’s Airbnb in LA — >

How to Be a Airbnb Superhost — >

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