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California is a giant-sized wonderland of preserved wilderness, world-class cities, famous beaches, tantalizing cuisine and unparalleled wines. Be close to the action from any destination in California, whether it is Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego or Bakersfield! Travel within California is fantastically scenic and simple; with the largest network of state highways that bring all of the Golden State’s wonders to your car door, you can surf, ski and enjoy fine dining all in one day… but you might want to make it two or ten!

So it looks like another weekend of heavy rain in Boston.
This is, what, the 7th or 8th weekend in a row with rain? I
love Boston, but this is ridiculous.

With the rain, my daydreams of San Diego, CA, seem to
keep popping up more and more (call it California
dreaming). The other night, I was listening to a great rock
station from Encinitas on Internet radio. It got me to thinking
about Encinitas, where my cousins used to live before they
moved up the coast to La Costa.

La Jolla is the definition of “enchanting seaside village.” With great weather, swaying palm trees and spectacular ocean views, it’s just like a trip to Hawaii.

This was decades ago and we had just returned from our first real long-distance travel experience – an unforgettable, eye-opening journey to Hawaii that exposed a couple of soggy Pacific Northwest college students to bright sunshine and warm saltwater that we never even knew existed. The very next month we were taking a Southern California vacation when we came upon La Jolla and it was, as Yogi would say, déjá vu all over again.

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f you’ll be visiting Los Angeles and want to stay in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, choosing a hotel can be difficult. There are many great hotels to choose from, each offering its own brand of luxury accommodations and exceptional service. For the best possible experience, make a reservation at one of these three Beverly Hills hotels, consistently rated highly by expert reviewers and customers alike.

If you’re a vegetarian, eating out can sometimes be a challenge. This is thankfully not the case in Los Angeles, where vegetarians have a wide variety of options when it comes to meat-free dining. This is somewhat due to the sheer multitude of restaurants in the Los Angeles area and the variety of cuisines available. But much of the ease that vegetarian diners experience in L.A. is due to the general health-conscious attitude of Los Angeles residents.

Los Angeles, and California in general, is known by many to be progressive in its thinking. Additionally, because of Hollywood’s focus on appearance, Los Angeles has evolved into a city where healthy eating is practically a job requirement. For both of these reasons, Los Angeles restaurants are more likely to offer meat-free or vegetarian entrees than restaurants found in other cities.

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