My 2013 Goal of Truly Living

A new year always brings new goals, new dreams, new hopes and a fresh start. What I love about traveling during the last week of the year, is that I have time to decompress, look back on my previous year and focus on my visions for the next 12 months. This specific vacation for me, is a time of personal reflection, relaxation, time to connect with my husband on a deeper level, laugh and have meaningful conversations with friends and even do a little Jet Set Life work…if I can really call that work. It’s a few days  to just get out of my day-to-day head-space and focus on what truly is important.

This year, while in Rio, I watched the way the Carioca’s live, always with a smile, an open heart and love. The energy of Rio de Janeiro is infectious. The sun and the surf are majestic. The New Year’s Eve rituals in Rio are all about goals and dreams.  Two million plus people, dressed in white go to the sea to bring flowers and offerings to Iemanjá, the Goddess of the Ocean asking for guidance, prosperity and to grant their dreams for the New Year. Whether you believe in the rituals or not, it’s a truly magical experience.
This year, I have just a few visions a.k.a. goals set – some personal, some professional. But all of them have an end result of making my life easier, happier and more full. The goal for me, is never about money- as the outcome. Sure, you can envision success, but if you’re only chasing the almighty dollar…then I don’t care how full your bank account gets, you will still be empty inside. Personally, I believe that having meaningful, well-thought-out, specific visions/goals will keep me focused on living a full, rich, exciting and vibrant life each day.  So, as I threw my gladiolas in the sea, I decided that my visions and dreams for 2013, would all be about ‘Living’….truly, deeply and honestly ‘Living’.

Take a few moments in the first month of this year and reflect on what is truly important to you. Find what empowers you. What makes you feel alive. What gives you butterflies. What makes you feel like a kid in the candy store. Then, focus on that. Dare to dream bigger than you ever imagined.

~ Happy New Year Everyone ~

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