The More Time, More Money Dilemma

What if you had unlimited TIME & MONEY. MONEY doesn’t just buy stuff. Money gives you piece of mind of knowing college is paid for your son. MONEY allows your wife to walk into one store and buy what she needs without having to price hunt and ship the Nikes she wants from China. MONEY can reduce your stress by knowing your bills are paid in advance for the next 3 months. MONEY can create magic moments for your family. Like a trip to Disney where your kids stay at Animal Kingdom park resort and see the animals from their pajamas. MONEY doesn’t buy happiness, that comes from within, but it definitely can make your life easier.

Now TIME. Dear sweet never enough TIME. Here’s the trade off. If you have plenty of MONEY, chances are, you have no TIME because you’re using it to create MONEY. You wake up, head to the office, airport or your next sales call. You come home exhausted, beat up, worn out and the kids are crawling on you wanting….wait for it….your TIME. And that’s what it’s truly about, isn’t it? Having the quality TIME with your family, your friends and even for yourself.

Can MONEY & TIME work together in any other way except this exhausting trade off?

Yep. Sure can.

And- You have options. Honestly, regardless of the one you choose, there will be a learning curve. You will need to invest TIME. And you will have failures before you succeed. There is no “quick fix” or overnight success. But, at least you can earn an income on your own time, when you want and how you want with these options.

Here comes “Stupid Idea Time”. (This is what we call our brainstorming sessions! Nothing idea off-limits!)

Option 1: Online Business

In a Nutshell: Create a niche website, course, eBook, drop ship products, do webinars, coaching, an Amazon store or get crafty of Etsy. Basically you’re building a network, email list or audience and selling your product or service or possibly earning money from affiliate products.

Upside: Total entrepreneur, you only answer to yourself. You can work from home/coffee shop, unlimited earning potential, all the benefits of being entrepreneur like working around your own schedule, your kids and charge what you want or use your own talents.

Downside: Huge learning curve, takes time to create a product, takes time to build a list/audience, possible production equipment needed, web designs/VAs needed if you can create products/websites yourself, constant changing of Google/Social media rules and algorithms, your product/course can become obsolete overnight.

–> Just writing and eBook and creating a website will give you immediate sales. Not true. The internet is filled with courses, eBooks, products and getting out in front as the “expert” is not a simple task.
–> You can’t really make a lot of money. Not true. You can make a shit-ton of money, online, from your pajamas. Seriously. We have tons of internet biz friends that are crushing it. But it takes time.

Great Podcast on Online Business: Smart Passive Income


Option 2: Direct Marketing

In a Nutshell: Earn residual income by introducing your network (friends, family, co-workers etc..). This is a method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force as well as simply sell to product users. Mary Kay, Beach Body and even Honest Company is a form of direct marketing. You’re basically an entrepreneur that builds your own sales team using another company’s product.

Upside: Unlimited income potential, team environment, personal development, benefits of corporate training, contests for trips and events. You can build in pockets of your day around your kids games, school schedules etc…

Downside: Takes time to build a team, your company compensation plan or product can change, multiple personalities on teams can be hard, overload of information can make you over analyze.

–> Direct marketing is pyramid scheme. Not true. A real pyramid scheme refers to a structure where the top person makes the most money and there is no real product.
–> You need to be a salesperson. Nope, actually the friends we’ve seen make the most are the opposite of salespeople.

Great Podcast on Direct Marketing: Amplified Network Marketing


Option 3: App Service Industry
In a Nutshell: Create your own schedule and making money putting your talents or free time to work through apps like, eLance, Postmates, Task Rabbit, Amazon Now, Fivver, Uber etc… You’re an employee for hire. Using your talents or time to earn income through an App that gives you exposure/bookings with clients.

Upside: You create your schedule, you set your rate, variety can be exciting, unlimited services, use your talents.

Downside: You eat what you kill. No salary, no bonuses, no long term financial plan. App can change policies, compensation or algorithms.

–> The people tat do these jobs are “out of work” or just doing it until they get a “real job”. Not true. Moms, dads, college kids looking to make an additional income or even a primary income so they can have time-freedom to do other things (like raise a family or go to school).


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