You choose your life, no?

“You choose your life, no?”

That line came from a very smart hotel entrepreneur we met in Marrakech. And, the more I travel, the more I find the truth in it. Everyone lives their life in a different way. Sadly, in America, the so-called “norm” is the 9-5 workday, with one week vacation, you purchase a house in the burbs and have 2.3 kids. If that works for you, great! But if it doesn’t feel like “your dream life” should you buckle to the pressure to conform to what “society” thinks is right? Hell no!

Rob and I sometimes get snarky questions about our life, especially how often we travel. Like we won some lottery. And ya know what, ummm, we didn’t. And, now that we’re pregnant and expecting a little bambino, the new statement is “Well, I guess that means you won’t be traveling anymore!”. To which, my ever smart hubby replys, “If parents with young children don’t travel, then who is that baby that always keeps me up on my overnight flights to Europe?” #truestory

As we travel to different countries we see life happening in different ways. In Greece, we see little kids out in the town playing at 2am, while their parents chat up friends at local cafes.  And on the other half of the spectrum, its not uncommon for the average 50+ year old couple to head home well after the sun comes up, after a night of cocktails and parties.

201948_4051067791778_1554534665_oIn Ibiza, babies are brought in carriages to sunset parties at Cafe Mambo and sleep while parents listen to the melodic beats of the worlds most famous DJ’s. And, during the day, you’ll spot little ones donning diapers at the coolest beach clubs on the island, where they enjoy some fun in the sun with Mom and Dad surrounded by a hip international crowd.

What kind of life do you want to create? What lights you up?

Do you want the suburban life of playing Bunko on Wednesdays and weekend cook-outs with neighbors? Do you want to travel with your best friends all over the globe? Do you want to enlighten your children to a great wide world beyond the cul-de-sac? Do you want to live a fully sustainable and eco-friendly life on a rural farm? Do you want to chill on the beaches of Costa Rica and live in a tree-house?

What is the dream that you want to make your reality? It is yours to design.

Here is how we’ve designed our reality.

(1) We Work Hard and We Play Hard. We aren’t lucky, which by the way, I totally resent when people say. We bust our asses daily to create an income to be able to enjoy the life we choose. It’s not easy, we hit walls, we struggle and we overcome….but we always get creative and keep finding new ways to expand our businesses.

(2) People Spend Money On, What They Spend Money On. The average American spends a ridiculous amount of “discretionary income” on what they want to spend money on. For us that’s travel. For others maybe it’s a crazy-Kardashian style pool, or a closet filled with top designers, or one-upping the neighbors. We’re not into that. We live below our means, we each drive a Prius which we love and spend our hard earned money on what truly lights us up – travel. Golf games, Starbucks, name brand clothing, expensive cars, the newest tech gadgets, huge houses that come with huge mortgage payments, resort style pools etc… no judgement on what you choose to spend money on, just realize that you make choices daily. And if you’re choosing other things over travel, then maybe that’s why you don’t travel. For us, it’s a priority, which is why we travel often.

(3) We Make No Excuses. Many people live by global excuses….such as….”better enjoy travel now, bc when you have kids it ends.” Bullshit. I see kids everywhere we go, splashing around, having fun, enjoying life. If you want to bring your kids, it’s a choice. And yes, we will continue to travel, just as we have in the past. Do some things change with kids, of course they do! We will need more luggage, a larger room, a car instead of a scooter and the occasional nanny to watch our baby while we escape for a night of adult-only time. But we are consciously making the choice to fit our child into our lives and will continue to explore the world in true Jet Set Life fashion, bambino and all. And the bonus is our baby girl will get to know the world, and be raised as a true global citizen with friends and experiences from all over the globe.

What does this all mean to you? It means….

Take control of the things you want to create.  Ask yourself these questions…

What is the thing or things you’d LOVE to do? If you could wake up and do ONE THING every day, what would it be? What would be your dream lifestyle? Once you know, work toward creating that reality, and don’t let anyone’s opinions count but yours.

Do You. Be You. And Choose Your Life, No?

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