Confessions of a Jet Setter: The courage to design the life you want

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I receive letters everyday from around the world for all sorts of things.  This particular letter just really stuck out for me and I wanted to share it with you (with Billy’s permission).  Rather than making comments on the letter I decided to let it stand on its own and listen to your comments.  As I believe this letter will resonate differently with different people.  As Mike Myers in coffee tawk says – Discuss!

Hey Rob,

Just wanted to drop you a quick to say thanks.  I’ve watched your site for a while but resisted taking the plunge in making a change to my own lifestyle.

Read 4HR WW a long time ago and tossed it aside… In fact I noticed some of my employees all of a sudden putting “out-of-office” responders on and I lost it on them (my best line must have been does Bill @#% Gates have an auto responder on!).

Anyways I’ve been making high 6 figures for a long time, traveled the world on business, and have all the toys I get to look at in my garage when I left my million dollar home (very early) in the morning on my way to a job I hated.

I sat down about two months or so ago and read every single blog item you had on your site and pulled a Richard Branson and said “screw it let’s do it”.

I parted ways with my partners, left a big pay check behind, and have started my NR quest. Scared out of my freakin mind but determined to figure it out (and convince my family I am not nuts).

Anyways wanted to say thanks. I am a Jet Setter at heart, have a worldwide rolodex, and have partied and stayed in some of the coolest locations but none of it compares to the sense of excitement about building a real lifestyle for me and my family.

All these NR guy’s I’ve seen online looked like a bunch of hokey computer geeks flogging crap info products (I know… unfounded opinions on my part may I add), however I find you cool and inspiring.

See you at some jet-set location in the near future!




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  • Reply
    June 5, 2009 at 9:39 am

    good job so far, billy! –> great risk, great reward!

    and if you fail, at least you had fun while doing so! 🙂

    yippie yeah, jet setters!


  • Reply
    June 8, 2009 at 9:14 am

    Billy, I applaud your decision to embrace a new way of life! My husband runs a company with thirty employees, subject to the whim of the entertainment industry…he’s fortunate to love his work, but the hours are achingly long. Because of the responsibility he shoulders, we’re tied to two and half weeks of solid vacation time per year, and a desire to see the whole world before we’re too old to enjoy it. I still try to inspire couples to use their travel time wisely — to pursue romance and open up their lives — but I dream that one day we’ll be able to take a leap like yours and Rob’s. Fingers crossed…

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