How Finding Your “Why” Can Change Your Life

Imagine a world where you are INSPIRED to go to work.
Imagine waking up on Monday morning and not DREADING the day ahead.
Imagine that your vision board has become a REALITY.

When Rob and I  first had the idea for Jet Set Life, god, TEN years ago (can it be that long? wow!), it was fueled by wanting something more in our life. Jet Set Life was a way for us to express our passion for travel and our love of being Global Citizens. We wanted to share our love for cultures, cool places and amazing experiences with everyone. We literally started this company on a whim and over the years, it has grown. We have created a loyal YouTube following of almost 1.8 million views, a series of 20 boutique travel guides and a kick-ass 90 day fitness program.

The one thing that we hear from you, our Jet Set Life family, over and over when we talk to you on the phone, meet you while traveling or by email is that Jet Set Life has been a great source of inspiration. Inspiration to do things bigger than ourselves, dream the impossible and live a life without regrets. I don’t think we understood how deeply inspiring this little company has been to some of you over the years. We’ve heard stories of us inspiring complete career changes, new businesses being born, new travels taken place where significant others were met, bodies were made healthier and minds were opened to new possibilities. It’s honestly a lot for us to wrap our heads around. All of which, we are so humbled by, truly.

But it has gotten us thinking….. we need to move back into inspiration. But we also need to inspire more people to take ACTION on these dreams, as that’s often the missing piece of the “dream life” puzzle.

So with that being said….

Each aspect of Jet Set Life was created from the belief of ” truly living our passion”. However, in full disclosure, over the years, we got focused on creating content and programs that you guys wanted and we forgot our Why. Or maybe, we never truly dug deep enough to understand it.

A German philosopher named Frederick Nietzsche said, “He who has a Why can endure any Why.”

Knowing your Why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you, and how to bring that vision board to life. It’s the difference between living the life of your dreams and simply surviving.

Rob and I have decided to jump two feet in and help our Jet Set Lifers reach their goals, dream bigger dreams and turn their vision boards into a reality. And, the best way to show others how to do something is by doing it yourself! So, we are going to be chronicling our journey to achieving our vision….and it starts with OUR Why.

When your WHY is stronger than your FEAR, success happens.

Here is our Why.

We would like ….

  • BOTH of us to never missing ANY of our baby’s “FIRSTS”.
  • TRAVEL on a whim, any place, any where, any time.
  • Be able to spend TIME with our families, friends and not be constricted by time or money.
  • Create MAGIC MOMENTS for those we love, whenever, where ever and however we choose.
  • Follow every PASSION full throttle, especially the silly ones.
  • To wake up each and every morning EXCITED for the day that lies ahead.
  • To GIVE BACK in a DEEP and meaningful way, by truly creating change in the health and the wealth of those around us.

To never miss a step of our journey… From finding our WHY to turning our vision board into a reality, enter your info below.

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