Getting Married in Positano, Italy.


Getting married in Italy is a dream come true, a real fairy tail. However, the legal part of being truly married in Italy is so difficult even Tom & Katie didn’t do it legally. But we did!

My husband and I are both US Citizens who just happen to have a love-affair with Italy. My perfect husband proposed to me in the most perfect way, in the Duomo (pictured above) in Positano, Italy. We decided that we’d go back to Positano almost a year later to have our perfect Italian wedding.

Planning the Wedding

To us, Positano is the most picturesque place in the world. There is no venue that could compete with the mountain of multi-colored houses piled on top of each other in Positano set against the marine blue of the sea. In Positano for your marriage to be legal, you must be actually married at Town Hall. Of course, you can have another spiritual ceremony at another location, however this ancient town hall has a large terrace where you can hold your ceremony. Which is exactly what we did.

Making it Legal: The hardest part of planning my wedding was the paperwork and the “red tape” involved in making my wedding legal. I really didn’t want to have to get married in the US and then just have a spiritual or symbolic ceremony in Italy. I wanted that Italian wedding license! So, I called every government agency that I could find and make a checklist of exactly what I had to do. (I’ve included my checklist and all the contacts & details in my step by step guide!)


Destination weddings mean you need a dress that can withstand the planes, trains and automobiles of getting there. I found a fantastic designer, Winnie Couture, that offers “destination dresses”. Currently, I am actually featured on their Winnie Brides section.


Our reception was held on the balcony of the most beautiful hotel in the world, Le Sirenuse. Here we had a sunset reception with Bellinis, Hot and Cold Canape (which basically is hot and cold finger foods, it took me months to understand it!) Also, they made our cake which was the most amazing cake I have ever tasted in my life. The staff of this should-be ten-million star hotel is attentive and made every aspect of our reception perfect!


Following the reception we had a typical Italian dinner at a local restaurant called Chez Black on the Positano beach. You may recognize this restaurant from Under the Tuscan Sun, the scene where she’s sipping limoncello on the beach with the Italian man. Black himself was very gracious and really took care of our party. You’ll notice that the walls are lined with celebrity photos. This is place to eat in Positano!



Regardless of where you get married in italy, there is only one photographer you should ever consider using, Camera Chiara. They are AMAZING! they will capture every single detail of your wedding no matter how large or how small! They are SOOOOO worth every dime! And they are not as expensive as american photographers and you get a a leather bound hand made traditional italian wedding album, PLUS: a CD of EVERY Digital Image, ALL Negatives, yep, ALL of them and you can make as many reprints as you want!



Invitations and Thank You Cards: The Amalfi Coast is known for making handmade paper. You can find beautiful Invitations and Thank You Cards at (currently searching for the name). You can also order a custom wax stamp with your initials and the wax color that coordinates with your wedding!

Flowers: There are plenty of small flower shops. For just a bouquet and corsages you won’t need more than a few days notice. In fact, I ordered my bouquet of Lily’s just a day before the wedding and it was only about 20 euros!





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    Rocco Di Cardielli
    March 17, 2009 at 3:01 am

    Did you happen to meet a couple that was married at the vatican prior to your wedding? We met a nice couple in Positano while we were on our honeymoon…. email me.

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    Valenka Langlois
    July 16, 2009 at 12:16 am

    I’m wondering more about the marriage process. I am interested in getting married in Positano in 2011 and I am confused about the process. I want a civil wedding at the town hall. How many witnesses do I need there? How many days before wedding do I have to be in Italy? I live in Oregon and noticed the closest Italian consulate is in San Francisco. Will I have to physically go to the consulate in the U.S.? also, I then go to a consulate in Italy once I’m there?
    Thanks for you help,

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    maeris annddsa
    June 22, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Have your cake and eat it kind of a dillema. What should today’s brides do? Have a expensive reception or save for a home? I would choose the second without a doubt

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    Andera Moehr- Where is Amalfi
    March 12, 2011 at 4:12 am

    As you travel the twisting road alongside the Amalfi Coast you take glimpses of little hamlets and bays dotted amidst the brilliant Mediterranean flora. Towns and villages fit tightly to the cliffs which rise straight from the iridescent azure sea. Here you will find Positano, with its multi coloured homes, the supremely elegant Ravello and elegantly beautiful Nerano, and many additional delightful towns which face out in direction of the Gulf of Salerno. In this place of spectacular natural splendor a variety of Mediterranean cultures combine, creating a truly exceptional atmosphere.

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