The Differences of Men & Women

So here’s a quick Monday post that I feel I MUST write from an undisclosed Starbuck’s location. This isn’t “jet set” just normal life, but I found it interesting. As I quietly sip my Iced Passion Tea I hear the conversations that surround me.

Do want to understand the difference between men and women? My husband and I have uncovered a secret of Men & Women that puts Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus to shame.

The Conversations That We Have:

Men: If you listen to men talk to each other or in a group the conversation goes like this….”Money, goals, money, goals, money goals, cars that I’ll get with the money, more goals”.

Women: If you listen to women talk to each other or in a group the conversation goes like this….”She…She….She…She…She…He…She…She….She…”

Yes men are focused on money, goals, cars and women are focused of the she du jour!

Don’t believe me, well, you’re getting homework. You’re going to open your ears and just listen!

Homework: Go to Starbuck’s or similar location and just listen, and you’ll see what I mean

Bonus Round: Want one more? Okay here it is.

The First Question We Ask:

Men: If a woman comes home and mentions to her husband/boyfriend, that she met someone new, like a new neighbor or a friend’s new boyfriend/husband, the first question her husband will ask her is…”What does he do?” Every single time. Men typically measure themselves by occupation.

Women: If a man comes home and mentions to his wife/girlfriend, that he met someone new, again a neighbor or friend’s girlfriend, the first question the wife/girlfriend will ask is either…”How old is he/she?” or possible (especially if it’s another woman)…”What do they look like or Is she pretty?” Women, whether you think you do or not, measure themselves by appearance. (Please don’t take this as a woman’s worth is only physical, that’s not what I’m saying…no need to get all crazy on me for this one)

Don’t believe me? Test it yourself.

HOMEWORK IS DUE BY FRIDAY. Go to Starbuck’s, dinner, a pool, just any social situation where you can eavesdrop and comment back and let me know what you heard!

A Tip for Women: Men need to empty. Men have caves for a reason. Please, just allow you man to go into his cave when he needs to and allow him to empty. If you do and leave him alone, he’s emerge by himself a stronger, happier man.

A Tip for Men: Women need to fill up. Women require attention, and it’s usually at the time you don’t want to give it. But if you do and honor her needs, she’ll leave you alone to veg in your cave.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s an example: Think about sex. After sex the man wants to sleep (ie. go into nothingness, empty). But women, we want to snuggle and talk (ie. connect, fill up).



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    June 10, 2008 at 8:03 am

    Interesting analogies.
    Under your “The Conversations That We Have”, I’d be curious to know if that is culturally specific. My assumption would be that it is, albeit, men do tend to have the pressures of continually driving their income higher to provide for their families, etc., hence the “money & goals” topics.
    Under your “The First Question We Ask”, this also may be a cultural assumption. Personally, if I had a spouse/mate mention that she met a guy, my intent of asking ‘what he did for a living’ would be more inline with determining if he would be a good business prospect or contact. Yes, the irony is thick – my comment reverts back to your first topic. 🙂
    Empty/fill-up: quite interesting analogy. We each have our needs for communication in relationships, although men do typically need more space than women, and women typically have a stronger need for communication in a relationship.

    Just my $.02.
    Thanks for the post and thoughts. 🙂

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    June 10, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Good post.

    I find that the goals I want to achieve must be measured against something. (My next house, my next car, the amount of cash in my bank accounts) It helps me focus and measure my goals. Not to say I will buy all of those things, but it sure is nice to know I can afford them!

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