The Jet Set Life Freedom Plan

We’ve been working with a lot of our Jet Set Lifers on designing their dream life. And something that is a common thread is the fear people have to go outside the norm. It’s like somehow society has created these rules that we are to live and work by. And sadly, truly LIVING your life isn’t the focus. It’s more about working your ass off, multiple jobs if needed to pay for the next big thing that you “should” have. I can’t help but look at the European cultures, where maybe they don’t have the McMansion, but they do take a month off in the summer to live. I mean, I guess it all comes down to personal choice, but for me, LIVING is my goal. Experiences outweigh stuff. Friendships that are real, and deep are more important than massive popularity. The goal is FREEDOM. Because FREEDOM gives you choice.


IMG_0474When we began our journey to designing our dream life 10 years ago, it was scary, people thought we lost our f-ing minds.

Wait? You’re not going to follow the status quo into the promise land of “working-to-live”?

Wait? You’re not going to punch the 9-5 for 65 years…(but really 70) until you reach the golden age of retirement where you will then travel the world as you wanted to do in your 20’s (but really are probably too broken down from “work” to actually realize that dream)?

Wait? You’re not going to settle for the one-week annual vacation that usually stresses you out more than it relaxes you?

Wait? You’re telling me you are going to just find a way to travel the world, like even the weird parts? Even with kids? Wait you have a dog?

Wait? You’re seriously going to do this “follow your passion” thingy and create a business where you can live and work from anywhere?
Hell yes.

Wait? That’s really realistic? You can actually live from your soul AND earn an income?
Fuck Yes!

Wait you said Fuck?
Yes. Yes I did. Because four letter words show how fucking excited I am about my life and my future.

This journey hasn’t been easy. There have been ups, there have been downs, we’ve had success and we’ve had failure. But we NEVER gave up. We NEVER decided to settle. We ALWAYS kept our VISION for our life front and center. Now, we are realizing our dream, living the dream life that we began designing 10 years ago. And now we are committed to helping our Jet Set Lifers do it to.

BUT- it starts with you. It starts with a DREAM. Then requires ACTION. Are you in?

Our Jet Set Life Team is expanding! We are thinking up new ways to help our peeps get what they want in life. Jump on this link so you stay up to date on our team antics and see if it’s a good fit for you!


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