Jet Set Life Team Spotlight: Heather Clark

10801911_10152343826576377_5670722667399934610_nMini Update: This was written in Dec 2015, as of May 2016, Heather has retired from her full-time job!!!! Yeah….that’s right…retired in 18 months with the Jet Set Life team!!!

In 2015, Rob and I embarked on a new financial adventure which lead to the founding of our Jet Set Life Team. Our team is made up of long term Jet Set Lifers, other internet entrepreneurs, our best friends and our friends of friends. And…we have had a KILLER year of growth! So, what better way to celebrate our team members and give our audience some food for thought and inspiration, than by interviewing some of our top rock stars!

First up on the plate….Heather Clark. Now, people use the term Momprenuer a lot…but this woman’s picture should be in the dictionary next to that term! Heather is a bad-ass Mom of 4 freaking adorable little ones from 1-7 years old. She’s an Registered Nurse in a hospital and has zero background in sales. Heather is Kim’s best friend, and was one of the first ones to join our team.

Here is her interview…

1.    What does your home/family life look like?
My family looks like a hot mess –lol Just kidding! I laughed when i read this question. We are a family of 6. I have 4 children ages range 1-7 , one of which has health challenges and demands. I am a RN, working part time in a hospital, and volunteer weekly in my kid’s school. My husband works full time as a medical device sales rep and has a very demanding schedule where he is on call 50% of time. As the primary income earner in the family, he works long hours, often gets paged late a night or while at kid’s sporting events. My husband is an incredible father, but with his extensive work hours, our house essentially operates as single parent home most of the time, which is hard.

11010288_10153009330994086_8904637019313777550_n2. Why did you begin this business?
I started off as a product user. I had just had a baby at the same time as Kim. We would talk about the struggle to get in a meal or two during the day. That’s when I decided to do what she was doing and use the shakes. Then, about a month later, my husband (pic right) began using the whole system and started getting crazy results. I jumped on the whole system too and that’s when everything changed. We no longer relied on coffee to keep us awake.  Both my and my husband’s bodies began to change, we felt great, had tons of energy and quickly had an unshakable belief in the products.

My product experience lead me wanting to know more about the company itself and the business opportunity. I really liked the compensation plan and opportunity to grow your business at your own pace with out pressure or a huge investment. With no requirement to have product inventory and the product is shipped directly to the customers, it was a no brainer. Every month we literally eat our overhead. By investing in my health, I am also investing in my financial freedom. I couldn’t help but share this with my friends and coworkers, as I’m constantly asked “What I’m doing for nutrition?” or “How I have so much energy with four kids.” When you truly love your product, it’s impossible not to share.

3.    How long have you been in this business? What has been your highest month income?
I’ve been in the business for about 10 months. My highest month was $4,125.50!! Which I honestly can’t even believe!

Mini Update: as of May 2016, Heather’s highest month was $5,138.80 (when’s the last time you got a $1,000 monthly raise within 6 months? #FoodForThought )

12011206_822908947819158_5365491639468817720_n4.    What were your objections (why were you skeptical) or biggest obstacles you had to over come?
My biggest objection was that I already did direct sales with another company and I wanted to remain credible. I am a health care professional in a small town and was worried about my reputation and integrity. But again, truly loving the product and being a product of the product was key. My second objection was time–I wondered how i was going to be able to fit it all in.

5.    What are three most important things you learned this year from this business?
1. That this truly is a team environment with tons of support.Being a part of our team is incredible. We have MULTIPLE millionaires and 6-figure earners on our team that are 100,000% active, not just there as figure heads. They set the pace for our team, and our team is growing so fast because of their leadership.

2. The stability in the company is key. Our company has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for nine consecutive years. In 2015,  reached No. 27 on the Direct Selling News Global Top 100 Companies list.

3. You can grow your business from anywhere and in nooks and crannies of your busy day. The opportunity to create residual income from literally sharing something you love is incredible.

6.    What is your WHY?
Our WHY is to be able to live the life we have dreamed of creating for our family. The specifics of that has changed some over the years as our family has grown. Financial freedom and freedom from the corporate America punch clocks and daily grind are a HUGE reason for my drive. To have both parents home to raise our kids together is a dream. To write our next chapter the way we want with travel, work and have freedom to do so on our own time. To be able to enjoy our passions and find new ones.

7.    What is the most important piece of advice you’d give someone starting a biz?
Know your why! Know it may change and grow, have belief in your company and what you are doing and jump in with both feet.

8.    What was the key that unlocked your success?
Listening to what people are truly asking. Not solving their problems but helping them realize they can solve their own. Changing mindset

IMG_78949.    What do you love about this business?
I love investing in my health while working with friends, connecting with people and helping others change their physical health and income.

Also, I’ve been married for 12 years and this year my husband and I took our FIRST vacation since having kids over 7 years ago! We went to the Atlantis in the Bahamas with the Jet Set Life Team and the best part  it was 100% FREE just for growing my business! Then a couple months later I traveled to San Diego for the first time ever with my team for a seminar. We already have awesome trips planned this year too!

As far as the company, I love the culture of this company and how they focus everything on “one team”, meaning we all benefit from one another. We truly all work together, whether we are financially linked or not, so we can all reach our goals. I watched my best friend gain financial freedom and have more time with her family, and now I’m doing the same thing.

10.    How can someone connect to you? They can email me at:

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